Ooops turned out ok.

My wife walked in on me one afternoon while I was in the bedroom with a couple pics of her younger sister laid out on the bed and I was whacking it to them, One was just a random picture and two were of her in a bikini on a family holiday the previous year.
Needless to say she was NOT impressed and the fact that in the pics she was 17 did not help the situation but...She came in, Freaked and scolded me but then...She told me to finish, I was like HUH?, She told me to get it over with and sat there with her arms crossed, Long story short I did, Came on a towel and she gathered up all the pictures, Shredded them and we have never spoken of it since.
I don't know, It was kinda hot watching her angrily watch me.

Aug 31

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  • I know a Filipino woman she's pretty. Married so am I. Well I look at her pictures on Facebook and I put clothes on pillows and get on top of the pillows looking at her pictures rubbing myself back and forth looking at her picture and kissing her pictures. Until I e*********. We was at a wedding she was there about a month ago. We usually hug when we leave but she was holding a kid. We put out hands together I felt a emotional rush.

  • You can’t even get it up, noodle boy.

  • You should have stopped and taken her right then and there... you f***** up.

  • I know. I do that to your mom every week!

  • You'd be surprised actually, I know two of my friends (Yes I am female) who have caught their husbands, One in person and one found her husbands stash of secret pictures that he stupidly kept in a "Hidden" file on his computer. One walked in on her husband whacking it to pictures of her sister and her mom, The other found pictures she assumed he had taken over the course of a few years, Upskirt, Downshirt, Bikini and even through windows of her sister, Her cousin, Her and two of her friends including me (She felt inclined to tell me Which is why I know) and both were just like "I don't really care, I just don't want to know about it."

  • Mine walked in on me one time doing basically the same thing but just stopped, Looked at me and walked out, When I caught up to her she said "Lock the F'ing door when your jerking it to my sisters please", She has one older and one younger.

  • Our 14 year old niece made her First Communion back on June 6th with the 7 year olds. The wife helped her mom dress her in her outfit and they took pictures of her with her cloth communion diaper and plastic pants on with her tee shirt before they put her dress and veil on her.The wife printed out the photos and gave some to the cousins and i got one also.The wife caught me j********** with the photo on our bed!

  • Liar.

  • How olds the one you was jerking of to the younger one.

  • You have good wife.

  • How olds ur wife.

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