Oh boy.

After we got home from the wedding my wife's mom required some help down the stairs to the spare room, I helped her and then went to bed, I laid there unable to sleep and my wife was in no shape to put out so I wondered what her mom was up to, I sneaked outside and peeked in her window but she was just laying on the bed passed out face down still in her dress with the lights on.
I went back inside and tried to run one off to some videos which wasn't working, I groped my wife some and she just kept grunting and slapping me away, I got up and wandered downstairs and opened the door to the spare room and said my mother in laws name, She didn't move or even aknowledge me so I walked up to the side of the bed and looked at her, For a 55 year old woman she really knows how to dress sexy and although she does show her age a bit she is still an attractive woman and one thing I have always thought she had a great bu++, I surveyed her in her low back dress and put my hand on her back, She was very obviously not wearing a bra which was interesting to me being she is older and I wouldn't think her b**** would be firm enough to rock without a bra.
I looked at her back as I rubbed it and she actually does have a very nice back, I brushed her hair out of the way and undid her dress behind her neck, I stood up and went to the foot of the bed and grabbed her dress on either side and pulled it gently, I had to pull a bit harder but once it started sliding it slid easily and I pulled it right off. I stood and looked at her laying there in just her panties, they weren't a thong but more of a bikini style, One side was pulled up her bu++ crack and one full cheek was showing, She has a round and surprisingly firm bu++, I reached out and that's when I realized my hands were shaking, I put my hand on her bu++ and gave it a little squeeze.
That was when my heart stopped, My wife's mom lifted her head and took a deep breath, My heart skipped at least one and maybe two beats but she cleared her throat and put her head back down, I stood there for a long time just looking at her before I sat back on the bed beside her, I put my hand on her back again and she just laid there, I softly rubbed her back and slid my hand down putting my hand on her bum cheek. I looked down at her side and could see something covering her chest, I ran my hand down her side and she quickly brought her arm back and rubbed her side then rolled onto her back and I almost had a heart attackbut she just flopped her arms out to the side and one laid right across my lap.
I sat there with my whole body shaking in fear but I could see what she had on her chest and it was a backless...Stick on thing that had sticky pads on the sides and underneath, I couldn't help myself and slowly peeled the pad off one side and she just adjusted her head and cleared her throat. I carefully peeled it off all the way across and laid it on the other side of her, I was right about her b****, Probably a C cup, Saggy, laid to the sides but as soon as the bra thing was off her nips started getting hard. my wife has large flat nips that are pale pink, She is pale skinned and freckly, Her mom on the other hand has smaller, Probably two inch across, Dark, dark pink almost brown areolae and small pencil eraser nips but as they hardened I was a bit shocked, I have never actually watched nips get hard before but the skin all bunched up and got wrinkly and they turned into exactly what I have seen described here as Jube Jubes, the whole thing, The areolae, the nipple and all of it just bunched up into one huge nipp!3.
I sat and stared in amazment at her huge nips, I wish I would have brought my phone downstairs with me but alas I just have the memory which is probably best, I turned and looked down her almost flat stomach and seen she is hairy, Not like 70's p*** star hairy but she for sure leaves some bush down there, I put my hand on her stomach and slid it down just into the waist band of her panties, I could feel my hand shaking and couldn't stop it so I just went for it and slid it down between her thighs which were just slightly spread apart and she was so wet, I couldn't believe it, So wet.
I slid my finger between her lips then slid it up and found her hard cl!t, As soon as my finger touched it she took a sharp breath, Tensed up, Held it for a second or two and let it out and relaxed. I pulled off her panties and she has a perfect pu$$y, No inner lab!a hanging out, Puffy, dark pu$$y lips and looked great. I stood beside the bed just beside her head and whipped it out, I lasted like 3 minutes and I sooooo wanted to blow my load on her face but I knew that would wake her.
I blew my load on the carpet and then just put the last few drops which was still quite a bit on her lips, I held my tip against her lips until there was no more and had to wipe her cheek as it dripped on her face, When I did she wiped her lips with her hand then licked them and sucked her top lip, then her bottom one and wiped her mouth again, I waited till she was done and then pulled my pants up and knelt beside the bed, I sucked and gently squeezed her huge nips which were still rock hard, Every so often she would brush her hand over one or the other and I decided I should quit before she woke up. My wife is a late sleeper and I went downstairs to see if I could get one more peek at her mom in the morning and just as I walked up to the doorway she was coming across the room to close the door buck nak3d.
She jumped and then unsuccessfully tried to hide herself and I said "ooops, Sorry, I was just going to let you know the coffee is ready" and I reached in, Grabbed the doorknob and made she seeen me tak a good look. She came upstairs a bit later and sat down very hungover and said "Sorry about...Earlier, i must have fell asleep with my door open and was just going to close it" I said "Pfft, Don't even worry about it", She said "Well...Just...You don't need to see that", I said "It's fine, Don't worry about it, Frick, you look great", She looked at me and said "that's not what I meant" and I said "oh, Well Sorry but you do".
Haha, we went about the day and the next before she left the day after that and everything was fine so apparently she wasn't too worried about t** lol.

Aug 31, 2021

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  • Wow that is so hot. I can only dream of one day having that happen to me.

    Such a lucky mother

  • I have been having s** with my mother in law for more than a decade, around twice a month we get together.
    Wife so far has never caught us.

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