I wish there was an Omega Variant

All these stupid f****** people in just America alone and Covid-19 failed me. The Delta Variant doesn't seem to be doing the work either. I'm sure that an Omega Variant would be the perfect plague I asked for.

Perhaps then, these morons taking horse de-worming paste by the tube-full and crying about tHeIr RiGhTs, then getting sick and taking up hospital beds, could f****** get taken out of the genepool, because they are truly too f****** stupid to deserve to breath the air on this planet any longer.

Covid, annihilate them all and erase their evil from the face of the planet!

Sep 4

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  • Totally agree. Everyone below who says differently is one of those cvnts who can't stand having their own selfish assh0le attitudes thrown right back in their faces. Fvck your feelings, losers!!

  • You are so f****** stupid

  • Cry harder. That should become more difficult the longer your unvaccinated lungs fill up with fluid. Remember, don't go to the hospital-- they'll just fill you up with THEIR drugs!! Do some bleach and shove a light bulb up your ass like your orange god told you!

  • You want people to die because they have different opinions than you. You are truly a disgusting person.

  • Yep. Sucks to have your sociopathic attitude lobbed right back at you, doesn't it? Deal with it.

  • The freedom people are causing innocent deaths by spreading it around. That's disgusting.

  • WEEP!

  • Yes, sometimes the world does need a lil depopulation to happen. It helps with more lesser morons living.

  • You first, eggroll

  • Won't be me, cupcake. Fully vaxxed and helped spread Omicron this past month, so there are already fewer morons like you in the world. You guys made a good point early on-- being a plague rat can be fun! Too bad that's being done against YOU now, isn't it? Boo hoo.

  • I blew a load of hot air out my a******.

  • You wish death and suffering on people and they are the ones not worthy to breathe the air? Evil moron. You are the very reason I can not line up with democrats. I see too many posts coming from the left like this. The right is no better though.

  • There are sociopaths on both sides of the aisle. The right is finally getting the smallest taste of its own medicine and it's crying like a burned toddler. How delicious!

  • D*** with ears.


  • What a dumbass

  • Your post makes you even more stupid than those you hate.

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