I have this stalker who won't leave me alone

This stalker won't leave me alone he thinks he knows me but he does not he looks up the internet for my address and my family names and he gets them wrong he won't stop and i am scared he will be showing up my house and try to kill me or worse rape me i just want him to stop i can not write anything on here without him being an ass

21 days

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  • Weesee wahaha!

  • The man who said he was going to my house and send letters and leave a note you did not show up so who is the wuss now and yes i am still on here so go ahead make a threat and come to my house

  • For your information i did not give out my information on here this man says he is my neighbor he looked up my address he is treating me saying he is going to email my stepdad call him and send letters he is nothing but a stalker who thinks i am a r***** i am not he must be can't spell worth s*** and he thinks i am a liar so go ahead blame me for s***

  • Go away

  • I am going to get off here in a couple of days but i can 't trust you i don't believe a damn word you say about you will not email my stepdad call him or write letters because you will keep doing s*** like always i had it with you b****** and if i go to h*** for talking nasty to you i hope to see you there so bye fucko and leave me alone my stepdad is taking care of this crap so leave me the f*** alone

  • Slap Happy Jailbird Tim is taking care of this! After him and Linda make a little love while Jackie sits outside on the couch watching Barney reruns on TV.

  • Leave me alone

  • You know it’s true! You love Barney!

  • I am not a child sick f***

  • Call the cops

  • Quit stalking me a******

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