Marcel Shihadeh Missing Thoughts

I’m glad the nation is taking the time to go on the biggest missing person’s report for that Gabby Petito lady. Y’all see how the nation can come together for my people, my white peoples. If Gabby Petito was a brown or black colored person than to be honest the nation would have not care to come together to find a missing woman. This is why I love being white! This is why my God is real and good to us white peoples. Everyone is all over social media looking for this white girl, but if it was a black girl or brown woman or even a black or brown man than absolutely not we wouldn’t be into finding them at all. Race really does play a role in finding missing people in the United States. That is just my honest opinion. I truly do hope they find Gabby Petito alive and well. On a light and funny note…tarot cards be like her boyfriend has something to with it ha ha ** them spiritualist medians be like break it up to be dump off like a domestic backwoods smoke violence blunt lolz as they tell the story while shuffling their cards all claiming to see the future 🤣🤣 Anyways God bless me everyday for being white and protect my white wife Emily Preibus Shihadeh, our white friends, my future white kids, my white in laws, my white coworkers, the white strangers that I run into and white family and please don’t protect anyone who isn’t white….curse all of the people in the world who wasn’t born white and please help make sure that Gabby Petito is alive back to the people who actually gave a ** about her because there are a lot of people in the world who wish they’re family and friends actually would love them to give a ** about them like that if they were to ever pop up missing in Romans 12:12-16 name Amen!

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  • Marcel - you are an immortal trapped in a mortal body.

    What more can we say about you?

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