I hate the college experience!

I’m in my first year of college and hate it! I want to go home!
I’m the oldest of a big family and my parents are super strict. I attended a Christian HS and got a volleyball scholarship to a university 7 hrs from my family. I have a boyfriend and we’ve been together 2 years.
Most of my teammates are bi or lesbian. I have no problem with that so please take this wrong but I AM in a serious relationship!
My roommate’s a lesbian and dating a grad assistant for the women’s basketball team. They are always having ** in our room. Especially when I’m there! They keep asking me to join them but I decline because I have a boyfriend. They tell me ‘it’s not cheating’.

My teammates ridicule me for my strict up bringing and my religious beliefs. We were at a group event and I told them I’ve never been with a girl. That made things worse. Apparently, I’m the only one on the team that’s never kissed a girl. I’m constantly being told I need the experience of having ** with a girl. I tell them I’m in a relationship and I feel that would be cheating. Again, I was told ‘it’s not cheating’. I was also accused of being anti-LGBTQ and I’m not!
My teammates began treating me different. One Saturday night, I finally gave in and made out with Eyrin and she went down on me. I admit, I liked it. She insisted I return the favor and I did. I was nervous at first but she helped me so it wouldn’t be awkward. My roommate found out and now she insists I join her and Matty.
I did a terrible thing last weekend. I had too much to drink at a party and hooked up with a black guy from the track team. It was consensual and he used protection.
I told my parents I’m homesick and wanted to quit college but they got **. I got lectured about not ‘quitting’ my team. They also reminded me that I got a scholarship and they won’t be able to help me if I come home and attend a local college.
The guy from the track team has been bragging and keeps blowing my phone up with ‘dtf’ messages.

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The IQ test determine how I comprehend not how I talk

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  • Wow. You are incredible.

    You sound like me when I was young. I’m 50 now.

    But my best sexual memories are the lovely times I have had with other women, huge ** **, and watching my husband pound our neighbor. When he fills her with ** I lick her clean and if I can make her climax Jim enters me from behind.

    I absolutely love the feeling of a huge black ** stretching out my **.

    And baby, you are sooo blessed to be a squirter. I wish that I had that talent

  • Hi! I hope you're monitoring your post and I hope things are getting better at college. Just curious, have you hooked up with the black guy from the track team again? I'm also curious if you finally joined your roommate and Matty.

  • Hi!
    If you have hooked up with the black guy from the track team or if you joined roommate and Matty. Can you give details? I've read other confessions and it's ok to add details. Just curious. I hope you are doing well.

  • My Matty and my roommate have stopped pressuring me to join them for now. They will give me more time and I can join them anytime I wish.

    I've met Jahimon two more times for **.

  • Hi!
    Thanks for your reply! I hope everything else is getting better at your university. It is ok to share more details if you wish. Before Jahimon, have you only been with your boyfriend or have there been others?
    Would you compare your boyfriend to Jahimon? Is there size differences? Does one give you more pleasure than the other?
    I hope you reply soon.

  • Faqid
    Things have gotten better. To answer your questions.
    Before Jahimon, I had only been with my boyfriend. I was raised in a strict home and 'alone' time is very rare. We usually have to take a sibling on dates with us. I've only had ** with my boyfriend 5 times and it had to be quick.
    Jahimon is much bigger. The first time we had **, it was a long time! He made me climax! I was so embarrassed but he told me not to be ashamed! I told him my boyfriend never lasted that long or made me climax.
    We exchanged numbers and he kept sending me messages asking 'dtf'.
    I finally gave in and went to his room while his roommate was out.
    We had ** for a long time. He was working so hard and became sweaty. He made me climax again.
    I met him one more time.

  • Hi!
    Thank you for sharing details. It's glad to hear you are having a better time at university.
    I'm glad Jahimon is satisfying you. You say he's much bigger than boyfriend. How much bigger? Do you like the bigger size?
    Could you say he satisfies you better than boyfriend from back home?
    You mention you met Jahimon one more time. Have you met with him since this last post?
    Would you share details?
    I hope you reply soon.

  • Faqid
    It’s difficult to compare the two.
    I love my boyfriend. We come from strict families and plan to get married one day. I’ve experienced ** with him a few times. It was awkward. We had to be sneaky, quick and wearing cloths. I wore a skirt or dress and he wore loose shorts. Our first attempts didn’t go well and the condom kept coming off. I’m sure he never ‘got in’ either. The last two times we had ** he was able to get in but he could only last seconds before he got out of breath and went soft.

    I was drinking White Claws at a party when Jahimon sat next to me. I finished my third claw. I felt relaxed and buzzed. I agreed to go to his dorm for **. We both took off our cloths and he told me to watch him put on the condom. He said ‘I don’t stealth’??? It was dark but I could tell he was hard and longer than my bf. He also had no trouble putting on the condom. He kissed me when he got on top. I felt him press against my entrance. He pressed hard and grunted. It felt like a rubber band snapping inside me! He went in easily and his body slammed into mine! He kept pounding until I had an **! I was super embarrassed because his bed was soaked. He was so cool and calmed me down. He said never be be ashamed. He continued for a long time until he finished. My insides were sore the next morning and I thought I’d started my period early but I didn’t. I answered his ‘dtf’ message twice. I gave him oral both times.

    I have not met with Jahimon since this post. I don’t know when he will message again. I talked with him at strength and conditioning on Tuesday. He said he’d message again but I’m ‘down the list’??

  • Oh my, you are exactly the type of girl our society needs! Liberated and ready to fight all prejudice, including prejudices against lesbians and Blacks.

    Your father will be so proud of you when you and your lesbian lover each have Black babies to fight prejudice and injustice in society and raise them to spread ** Love to the hole world.

  • Weelee weelee weelee. pink ** and black **, what a life peet!

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