Should I say something?

Last week I caught my husband doing something perverted! I teach middle school and my husband owns a small moving business. He has 2 moving trucks and a half dozen employees, all guys and all large black men.
With all this virus stuff going on schools are constantly interrupted. One day last week several students were diagnosed with covid and the school dismissed immediately. I got home around 11am. My husbands vehicle and one of the moving trucks was parked in the driveway and I had to park on the street. I wondered why the truck was there but it wasn't important at the time. No one was in the house. My husband has a small workshop out back so I figured that has to be where he was. As I approached the workshop I could hear voices. I peeped in the window and got a major shock! My husband was naked and on his knees. Two of his black workers were standing in front of him with their pants around their ankles. MY HUSBAND WAS SUCKING THEIR C****! I ran back to the house. About thirty minutes later the workers got in the moving truck and left. My husband came in the house and pretended nothing was going on. I didn't say anything. What should I do?

Sep 30, 2021

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  • He is cheating on you and that is wrong.It is up to you to decide what you are going to do about it and if you decide to let it go that is your business but you do need to confront him about it. You know about those two black c**** that he is sucking but how many are there that you dont know about .He needs to be honest because it sucks when you get an STD because your spouse ic cheating on you. He needs to be punished and you should get a free pass,doesnt need to be s** with someone but that would be the best,,take a weekend and go somewhere by your self or do something you have wanted to do but just havent yet.I do agree that he shouldnt just suck those mens c****,,They should f*** him in the ass too.

  • Buy him panties to wear while sucking c*** ad find a lover

  • Allow him to do it and enjoy it. you only live once, we should experience everything. it does not mean he does not love you. Perhaps you could join him sometime. The taste of black d*** is amazing and the c** delicious. You might even suggest other activities he could do with the black men like a** f******.
    it will only enrich your lives. Don't be afraid of it.

  • Every guy wants to suck one once. No biggie

  • Join in let them f*** you

  • Wait a few days: read about the topic or watch educational videos. He has probably struggled with his identity and/or orientation all his life.

  • We all have secrets, I am also bisexual and have been since very young. But when I was a child, it was considered a perversion, in today's world a small percentage of we are either bisexual or pure homosexual.
    And considered perfectly OK.
    Best thing to do it talk to your husband, and find out if it is a one way thing or something you can accept. If you can, fine, if not, there is only one possible option and you already know what that is.
    My wife and I long ago accepted my sexuality, she knows to find something else to do when I take a boyfriend and isn't bothered by it one bit.
    She stays faithful even though if she chose, I would be unconcerned.

  • You don't seem intensely disgusted. It's a part of him that no woman can touch. How about you accept it and even join in. You might enjoy the extra attention, and your husband could be emotionally fulfilled and overwhelmed at the acceptance on your part. Sharing c**** could bring you closer together. After all, he knows exactly what it's like to suck a man, so you and he have similarities that you couldn't have with most other men.

  • Join in and get some c*** and s**** for yourself.

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