Older men are pigs!!!

Why do older men always want a*** s**? I am an 18 yr old high school senior and my experiences with older men has been bad to say the least.
When I was 15 a neighborhood dad used hidden cameras to take pictures of girls. He used the pictures to blackmail me for s**. I later found out he did the same to a couple of my friends. In my case he made me come to his house on Saturday afternoons and he would sexually use me for hours. He must have had a key to the v***** factory because he just kept going! I was by no means a virgin, but not sexually experienced either. I wasn't ready for this. The first time he threw me face down on the bed, covered my a** with oil and and began slapping. VERY HARD until I cried and attempted to crawl away. He got on top of me, grabbed my shoulders and started shoving his c*** up my a**! He held me down and f***** me hard as I cried. He f***** my p**** too, but my a** was his favorite. He made me come to his house 2 more times then he left me alone. I never got the pictures back.
When I was 17 i babysat and cleaned house for a mid 30's couple next door. I ended up having a year long affair with the husband. One day it just happened. We began flirting and wham/bam we had s**. The first time was a simple quickie because the wife was due home anytime. The next time was planned and we had much more time. But you wouldn't know it from how he acted. I walked in the back door and he grabbed me, threw me face down on the kitchen table and f***** me in the a**! We hooked up 3-4 times a week for a year. He was pretty large downstairs so I constantly stayed sore. I would beg him to f*** me in the p**** to give my sore a** a break. Once my asking annoyed him so much he taught me a lesson. He grabbed the lube, poured it all over his hand and shoved his entire hand in my p****. It hurt like h***. After he finished punishing me he rolled me over and still f***** me in the a**. I broke it off with him after that.
I have dated several guys my age and even younger. None of them ever hinted about wanting a*** s**.
Why the older men???

Oct 1, 2021

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  • 15? he waited toolong

  • Black guys are even worse! Even the young black guys are into it. I am in my late 20's and I have only dated black guys since high school.
    This might sound crazy but I think it is some kind of "ownership" thing or fantasy. My first time was when I was 16 and the boy was 18. I was actually a virgin. I was looking forward to feeling him inside my p****. Instead he rolled me over on my stomach and lubed my ass. As he pushed into my ass I remember he said "you're my white b**** now". He called me names and degraded me the whole time he f***** my ass. We had s** nearly every day and I was at least a week before he ever f***** my p****.
    I have dated many black guys over the years and "ALL" of them had a thing for f****** me in the ass. And it seemed like the men with the larger c**** enjoyed it more because they knew it was like a punishment. And it is! When you have something the size of a 10 inch red bull can being shoved in your ass and your screaming and crying only makes the guy f*** harder and get more verbal... You know it's some kind of control thing. And it works. I keep going back...

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