We just can't help it.

I've been seeing this man for over a year. A man that I love and I know he loves me. This man is my cousins husband, married for 8 years. I haven't even reached my 20's yet and he's 15 years older. I tried to stop seeing him twice throughout the entire time, pointing out the cons and who were we becoming.

Several weeks ago, we were caught when my mother found old letters about us. The family knew and we were forbidden to see each other. This is the third time I spoke to him, asking if this was going to be the end. We agreed.

Yet, we're still sneaking off to see/talk each other.

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  • No big deal. The s** is too much for you to stop.
    That's what it is, no matter how you try to mask it.
    It's the s**. His c*** is wonderful, isn't it?
    His tongue is fantastic, right?
    You KNOW you love it AND YOU CAN'T STOP!!!!

  • You have no respect for your self, he is a liar and a cheater.
    If he cheats on her, he will cheat on you.
    Anyone can STOP anything, all it takes is WILLPOWER!

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