Is this cheating?

My husband has a gambling problem and I learned about his $5,000 debt to a local bookie when he showed up at our home to collect. We don’t have that kind of cash, and when we told him that the thug he brought with him started beating up my husband! I begged him to stop, and long story short I had to give the bookie a BJ in front of my husband.

The bookie and his thug showed up again the following week to collect his debt, but my husband wasn’t home. I gave him all I had - $200 - which he said “doesn’t even cover the interest”. I’ll spare the details but I agreed to have s** with him to stop the interest from accruing, and to stop the threats against my husband’s safety.

For the past 3 weeks I’ve given him $200 or $300, plus s** (for the interest). This week he showed up and demanded I have s** with him and his thug. I complied because I had no choice. My husband knows about the money but not about the weekly s**. Is this cheating? Advice on how to handle this?

Oct 7, 2021

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