I like Jews

I like Jews

Oct 9

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  • I like Jewish food.

  • So you like evil, beady-eyed hand-rubbing scam artists? Yeah, not buying it schlomo. No one likes you scummy yids, and that is one of history’s most consistent trends. That’s because Jews do nothing but parasitize the larger population. If this makes you mad, you can always go murder another Palestinian family or something…not like the UN is going to do anything about it. In closing, Hitler was right about Jews in every way.

  • F*** you N*** b******

  • They're sneaky

  • That's racist

  • Jews are great people . They are super smart and hardworking folk . God Bless them all .

  • 1000% true :)

  • Jews are born fighters.
    India love Jews and Israel.
    Long live Jews and Israel.

  • Yes <3

  • Indians also love crapping in the street. How appropriate that you also love filthy Jews!

  • You are a piece of crap in the street

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