Maybe I'm a Crypto Catholic?

I converted to Judaism. My attitudes are Jewish. By myself, I pray in Hebrew. But I don't feel really accepted by everyone in the Jewish community, because I'm not ethnically Jewish. I tell myself to concentrate on the Jews who accept me. But it bugs me that there's this attitude among some Jews, and others don't tell them off. Meanwhile, all my adult life I've had this secret habit of praying in Catholic churches, and usually lighting candles too. I venerate the Virgin Mary. I've even gone to Mass a few times and taken communion, though not since I converted to Judaism. This is so weird to me that I'm sick of myself and ashamed of being so two-faced.

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  • That's the thing about religion. It's divisive and one group always has a sense that they are better than everyone else, that they are right and everyone else is wrong. Millions have died needlessly because of that.

  • Man, religion is really f****** you up. How stupid. Why not just get rid of it all together. Your life would be so much happier. Or you could wait until God comes to you and asks you to murder your son for him. Maybe then youll learn religion is bullshit. If youre not too far brainwashed and narrow minded like most religious fools, I would recommend you read "the god delusion" by richard dawkins. It might change your life.

  • Maybe you should start focusing on God rather than religion...

  • In Judaism, people know God through observing the mitzvot (commandments or duties). Part of that is belonging to a community. The important prayers, such as Kaddish, must be said in a minyan, a group of at least ten Jews. Judaism isn't a "focus on God and forget the religion" religion. It is communal in a way that Christianity isn't. Although Jesus did say, "Whenever two or three of you are gathered together in my name, there I'll be." Which is to say that Christians are communal too, just not to the extent Jews are. So, if for whatever reason, someone doesn't feel comfortable in a community, it's a problem that I think can't be solved by just "focusing on God."

  • Why the h*** would you want to become one of history's most hated people? Of course Jews won't accept you because you're not truly one of them. Be glad you're not. Convert back to Catholicism immediately disassociate yourself from anything Jewish.

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