Two old American WW2 vets and their overt anti semitism

MY Aunt married this man I didn't like much. He was a rural type born and raised in the twenties, thirties, and forties. He was a decorated veteran of the war with Japan.

He told me a story that made me dislike him. He was fighting the Japanese as I said and one or more of his fellow soldiers were Jewish. He told the Jews right to their face that he felt the same way towards them that the Germans felt ant that they should be turning their guns on them.

OK, I was at work when a retired car salesman got a job where I worked. Be damned if he didn't say exactly the same thing.

I personally have no animosity towards Jews and I feel the world would be a lesser place without them.

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  • You are so full of s***. Americans never gave a s*** if someone was a Jew or not. It was all about black and white in America. Nice try though, now get a f****** life ya joker.

  • Wow he is absolutely right. I can whole heartedly say on the part of the Middle east that America fought on the wrong side

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