Blame it on hormones

I have been cheating on my husband for months. I am a 24 year old new mother. I gave birth to our first child a month ago. The problem is I feel so guilty now. In the past six months I have cheated so many times I couldn't even I couldn't even estimate, and with multiple men.
I have always had a high s** drive and our s** life is good. When we first found out I was pregnant my husband started working a good bit of overtime to make sure we were in a good financial spot when the baby came. As pregnancy took hold I started feeling different. I blame it on my hormones going nuts, but I became hyper sexual, super h****, whatever you want to call it. Masturbating was not cutting it and with my husband working most of the time I started cheating.
I joined an online site. I was amazed at how many guys had a thing for pregnant girls. I was getting laid every day, sometimes several times a day. I kept it up right up until the birth of my child.
Since giving birth my system seems to have gone back to normal and I no longer have those feelings. Now I feel super guilty. I tried to keep this on the down low and not let any of the guys I hooked up with know anything about me. But there were so many guys I know its only a matter of time before I run into one of them. I just hope my husband does not find out.

Oct 10

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  • I had the same hyped s** drive when I was pregnant but my situation was very different. I am in my 40's and "planned" an in vetro procedure. Since no husband or boyfriend I didn't have to hide my desires.
    It started early in my pregnancy and like you continued throughout. A week before my due date I was on all fours on my office floor letting a co worker use me! I couldn't get enough s**.

  • Just open up about it. Give him permission to find someone without becoming attached

  • Bad advice.

  • What site did you use

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