Just found out.

I just found out that my fiance of two years is cheating on me. I'm pregnant with his baby and the due date is tomorrow. He is the only man I have ever slept with and he swore he was done cheating a long time ago. I'm thinking about moving back in with my mom. I dont want to go through this again, this is not the first time and i fear it won't be the last. I don't know what to do. He doesn't know I know yet...just had to tell someone....and on another topic, where are all the cute black guys? I'm tired of being a good girl. I always get hurt.

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  • Sorry to hear about your fiance, darling. xo It's hard being nice to people all the time, because some people take advantage of that and hurt us. Don't give up, though.

    I would leave him, if it were me. Move in with your mother. If nothing else, it will be a wake up call for him, particularly when the baby is born. If he still doesn't care or doesn't change, it's over. You deserve better.

  • Oh u have to leave him. There is only so much hurt that a heart can go through. He doesn't love or respect u, or your baby. If he did he would keep his ** in his pants. There is no excuse. If u let him get away with cheating, and obviously u have previously, then he will always cheat. He probably figures that he can go ** who he wants, and only has to put up with a fight. Leave him, and set up a life for you and your baby. Just think of all the times you will be stuck at home with a baby while he is rooting his way through town!

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