cant stop but dont really want to anyway

right before scholl started this year i went out on a sort of secret date with the father of one of my girl friends from school. we decided just to try it for the fun of it because he was cheating on his wife and i was cheating on my boyfreind and we were doing it behind my friends back who is his daughter of corse. but when we finally had s** that night it was so good that it was amazing to both of us so we went on another date and then had s** and it was even better than the first time. my girlfriend doesnt suspect anything but her dad and me are totaly serious and getting more serious. we both know we should stop this but its too good to stop now and even so we dont want to stop it. the problem now isnt that we are doing something wrong its that we cant find a way to be tgether as much as we want and as much as we should. ive never had s** this good before in my whole entire life and neither has he. this is too good not to do it as much as we can even tho his daughter is my friend and she would s*** if she knew. i even hate the idea of him sleping in the same bed with his wife.

Oct 25, 2013

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  • Are you 12? By your spelling skills and sentence structure skills , I am guessing you are. Another bored teen troll.

  • i dont have any problem with you dating the guy and hvae fun with him but dont let yourself get so attached because he will either go completely back to his family or he will find another girl younger then you and youll be hurt so so so bad. believe me because i know what i am talking about it hapened to me.

  • Ditto. Listen to this woman.

  • OMG i totaly have the same feelings for my bff's dad and i have had them like forever! im way to scared to say anything to him but i just keep thinking that maybe he will figure out how i feel and then he will ask me out for a date in secret like yours did. whenever im at there house i just think about him getting on me and i think hard that i want him to do me and to ask me out and i keep thinking that he will pick up on my thoughts and just do me but so far he didnt. i even pray for him to know my feelings for him and to know i love him but its been like years and so far he didnt know. but ommfg i just ache for him to be inside me sooooooo bad and i finger myself thinking about him. you are so lucky!!

  • You really ARE lucky. There's a girl I know at school whose father is just amazing and it would be a dream come true if we would wind up together. I flirt with him all the time and he gets blushing but never lets me follow on the flirting and he doesn't flirt back. Whenever I kiss him to say goodbye or something I always rub on him and almost like hump him and I know it makes him hard because I can feel it getting hard. One time I even whispered to him that he makes me soak my f****** panties but he turned away in a hurry. I think he secretly wants me but is too afraid to act on that feeling he has for me. You are lucky that your man isn't hung up about your age or that you are friends with his daughter. REALLY lucky.

  • your a very hot piece.

  • THANKS!! that is totally so sweet of you!!

  • Everybody here is right to warn you off this guy. And I know because I have been this guy. I had an affair many, many years ago with one of the school friends of my step-daughter. I told her I loved her because I thought I meant it, but really I only loved f****** her, and when she finally kept pressing me to leave home, I broke it off. Or, should I say, I tried to break it off. That's when she freaked the f*** out and tried to destroy my family and my marriage, and came damn close to doing exactly that. Fortunately, my wife could see that the girl was wildly unbalanced and so that helped me to convince her not to divorce me. You may think your guy is different, but he's not: he "loves" you because you are so young and because your p**** is so incredible and because your appetite for s** is inextinguishable. Be careful: don't invest too much of your heart in this man.

  • i understand what you said but i honestly believe that you were really in true love with your girl and she was obviously in love with you too. i know your back home with your wife and children now but just answer this question for me. dont you still want your girl? isnt that s** better than any you ever have with your wife? dont you still think about her every day? dont you imagine its her your doing when your doing your wife? dont you wish you could call your girl and see your girl? if she walked into your house right now wouldnt you tell her that you love her? isnt it true.....dont you really love her right now?

  • All he wants is the p****. And that's all you are to him.

  • no its not true he loves just being with me sometimes even if we dont do nothing but only lay together without him going in. he tells me every day how much he wants to be with me and stop going home.

  • You can't trust a married guy especially when he's dating somebody as young as you are (you didn't say your age, but being "legal for s** where you live" doesn't mean you're an adult or even mature enough to understand these men who cheat on their wives). He just gets with you because of your age and because you're obviously hot and beautiful, but also because you're available to him. Don't confuse convenience with love. He's not in love: you are.

  • hes just using you

  • No he loves me and he says that whenever were together every time.

  • Did you ever date an older guy before? Was he the dad of one of your friends?

  • i did date some before but this is the first time it was ever with one of my friends dads and this is the best i ever had. we are just so amazing together like you would totally not even believe.

  • How many older guys? Where did you meet them? How long did you date?

  • it was only like 7-8 of them and somtimes only for a few times but one was for almost a year. i went out a few times with other guys while i was with him because he was maried and he said he didnt care if i went on a few dates but he was my main guy the whole time and i would of stoped with the others if he said so. he was the best thing that ever happned to me until i started dating my friends dad now.

  • I love what your doing. Sooooooo sooooooo sexy!!

  • THANKS!!!! i realy appreciate that after hearing so many negative thoughts about my relationship with him. we really are sexy together. we are sexy in bed of course but its even just a sexy thing to be with him and to be seen with him somtimes. thats not very often when were in public but its enough to make us both so excited and it makes the s** even hotter and nasttier. we dont do anything sexy in public because we cant make it look like were out on a date or nothing but just knowing that we are on a date like in secret makes it so super sexy that it makes him hard and it makes me wet. thank you!

  • your behavior is so trashy.

  • Just remember he'll never leave his wife. He might talk about it and say that he will but it will never happen.

  • he actually did say that to me just like 4 days ago! i was so happy! i had been secretly thinking it and wanting it but i was afraid to of said it to him but he said it all on his own! isnt that great! our s** life has been getting just beter and better all the time and we do more and more things that his wife never did and will not ever do and it was while we were doing one of them that he said he wanted to leave her and his kids and be only with me! its the most exciting thing ever that ever happened to me and so whenever i finish with school hes totally going to leave them all behind and belong to me only and nobody else! i want to tell everybody i know but i know i cant say it because of our situation and his family and my parents but i just feel so happy that he loves me so much that he will leave his family and start up a new one with me!

  • Please don't trust this man who is taking advantage of you. He will NOT leave his family for you!! I'm not saying you aren't good enough for him, please understand that; but he is only with you for the s**, which is obviously SPECTACULAR, and I'm jealous, can you tell? But please don't put yourself out on a limb for this guy because 99.99% of guys who tell their mistresses that they are going to leave their wives NEVER LEAVE THEIR WIVES! He's telling you that because he wants you to commit to him without him committing to you. It's a trap so please watch out!!!!!!!!

  • I hope you are over 18....

  • eventually i will be

  • i didnt see what you were saying im sorry. no im not 18 yet but i am legal for s** where i live so its fine. sorry i just didnt understand the qeustion.

  • How did it work out honey? Did he leave her for you? Or did he break your heart? I can tell your are totally infatuated with him. You call it love, but I'll bet he only calls it that to your face. In his heart it's great young booty and you are probably not his first conquest. I wonder if he cares how much he is hurting you in the long run if he decides, as he likely will, he can't leave his kids, which he really shouldn't. I left mine when they were 13 and 15, not for another women but because their mom and I couldn't get along. It was my biggest life-long regret even though I moved a mile away and stayed close to my kids in every way. If he leaves her and his kids for you, he'll always blame you. Have no doubt honey, he will blame you. Of course your girlfriend will never forgive you, nor will your family. and she'll trash you to everyone she can find. Do you really want that? You can have great s** with lots of single guys sweetheart. Protect your heart and move on.

  • No he didnt leave her yet because he just told me that like less than 1 week ago and he said he would leave and be with me after i finish with school. i know hes going to do that because we love each other so much that it makes our s** just the best ever in the world and we both love it so much when he is soooooooo deeeeeeep in me that we almost cant even stand it and we definately cant stand to be apart or for him to go home to his f****** family who i have started HATING for taking him away from me so much and so often when i want him with me all the time. he will leave and i just know that. what i hope is that i can drop out of school and just be his wife and the mother of his children and not any of the ones he had with his old wife.

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