Not what was supposed to happen.

I went out the other night with friends to celebrate finalizing my divorce at the age of 44, Got drunk and had a young guy flirting with me, Went home with him and all my friends were encouraging it, We went to his place because there was no way I was letting a random guy know where I lived.
BIG fail, We were hooking up on his couch and his room mate came in, I tried to fix my top and get my floppy DD's back to where they were supposed to be but he seen a lot more than he should have, Long story short I did my first three way and regret it fully.
I never had any urge to have one before and had I been slightly more sober I would have said no but I was drunk and h**** and angry and the list goes on and not to mention that I had 2 decent looking late 20's guys fawning over me. I did the walk of shame at 8am and WAY too much s** and now I am sitting here staring out the window regretting every second of it.
First of all no one wants to have that much s** in one night and second I had started out telling the guy I went home with that he had to use a condom and somehow that didn't happen with either of them, Every time I thought we were wrapping up the festivities nope, It would start all over again with one of them shoving a d*** in my face. I finally had to get up, Gather everything except my new $60 bra which I couldn't find and leave so I could stop having s** because I seriously think they would have kept going all day.
So in conclusion my night sucked....So did I, I guess, Way too much.

Oct 19

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  • Fake!
    No female would use 'floppy DDs' to describe herself.

  • I got carried away one evening, Chalk it up to experience and move on, Doesn't need to be a huge deal.

  • Don't whimper. At my age (mid-40s) I love young c**** and will not mind two in one night. Try to get used to it, enjoy your sexuality as long as you get h**** for c****! Avoiding s** is a sign of sick mind.

  • What a pile of crap.

    Any woman in her 40’s would love an evening with two men in their 20’s.

    I would have spent the entire week with them if they kept c****** for more

  • How is your wife dealing with the divorce ‽

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