Black Owned (bad experience)

Being black owned or a s** slave for a black male doesn't always go well. I read the "black owned" post and following responses. My experience was much more negative. It only lasted maybe two months but ended up ruining my marriage.
I am a 38 year old mother of two teenage girls and was unfortunately in a boring and sexless marriage.
One day an attractive your black guy hit on me at the grocery store of all places. His name was Eddie. I was so flattered I accepted an invitation to go across the street for coffee. We didn't even make it through once cup of coffee before we were in my SUV backseat and I was getting stretched by the biggest c*** I had ever seen! It was simply raw animal s** and it was amazing. Eddie invited me back to his apartment for another round in a more comfortable setting. Once we were on his home ground the mood of the s** changed. He became very dominant, kinky, verbal. I would describe it as I was being "treated like a w****". But it was different from anything I had ever experienced and it really turned me on. Eddie immediately wanted to try a*** s**. I was unsure because of his size but I wanted to please him.
I was right Eddie was way too big and I pulled away. A minute later we tried again and I still couldn't do it. Eddie became angry! He grabbed me by the hair and pulled me off the couch. He drug me across the room, bent me over a table holding me face down by my hair. I will simply say we had a*** s** whether enjoyable or not. When i was able to stand and walk I move to the couch and sat beside him. I snuggled up and found myself asking if he was disappointed in me? I realized I would let him do anything he wanted now. And i did. Over the next couple of weeks Eddie would refer to our sexual play as "training the white b****". I was subjected to frequent a*** s**, humiliation, golden showers and even r****** his ass.I received physical punishment if i didn't perform as he demanded The worst was the very rough (violent) throat f******. The more I choked and gagged the more it excited Eddie. Once he held his c*** in my throat so long I blacked out from lack of air. Hiding all the bruises and marks from my family was nearly impossible.
This may sound crazy. I got used to the "training" and kept going back. It wasn't so much that I enjoyed it, as something deep inside me "craved" it, like an addiction.
The last week of my experience as Eddie's s** slave is where things went horribly wrong. One day I arrived at Eddie's apartment around 11am to service him for the day. When I walked in there were three strange black males there. Eddie ordered me to go into the bedroom, strip and lay on the "edge" of the bed. I did as I was told. One of the men walked into the bedroom with a briefcase. He pulled up a chair beside me and opened the briefcase as Eddie and the others stood around and watched. I went into panic when I saw it was a tattoo kit. Eddie immediately ordered me to lay still or I would be held down. I just laid there and cried as the man put a tattoo just above my p****. When he finished Eddie ordered me to "take care of them". I spent the afternoon letting the three men have s** with me as Eddie filmed it with his camera. As I cleaned up to leave I checked in the bathroom mirror. I had "BLACK C*** ONLY" tattooed above my p**** in bold letters.
There is no way I was I going to be able to hide this from my husband forever?! I thought it couldn't get any worse. I was wrong. As I walked out of the bathroom to go home Eddie stopped me. He told me that I was doing a good job entertaining his friends, BUT... "one white b**** isn't enough for the guys". I misunderstood and thought he was bringing home another girl. I nearly fainted when he told me I should bring my oldest daughter and get her "trained".
I was scared to death that evening. I was forced to confess the affair to my husband. It was not good. When I didn't go back to Eddie's the next day my phone started blowing up with texts. After a couple of days my husband started receiving pictures and videos on his phone of me having s** with black men.
Our marriage was over. My husband stayed in the house with the girls. I am living at my sisters house. Every time I look at the tattoo I know my husband will never take me back. How could he ever touch me again with the tattoo glaring at him. Or any other white male.

Oct 23

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  • White girls cannot resist black men and white men need to get used to it

  • A group of black guys not only used me for group s** but the ultimate humiliation was when they made me f*** and suck a dog as they all watched and cheered!

  • My experience with a black male didn't go well. I was stupid enough to leave my husband and moved in with the guy. He was abusive and treated me like a s** slave. He used me like a credit card. He would trade my services for rent, marijuana, whatever he wanted. All his friends had his permission to use me as well. It was nothing to have s** with a half dozen guys a day. During my time with him I got pregnant and he made me have an abortion. After that scare he wasn't too keen on me.
    I hit rock bottom when he made me dress in a slutty outfit and drove me to a bad section of town. He dropped me off and told me to "make some money" and catch the bus home in the morning. It was awful! I cried as the first guy f***** me in the backseat of his car. He was an old white guy and he refused to wear a condom! After it I barely stepped out of his car when another guy pulled up. In 2 hours I had been picked up and used by 5 different men. The guys didn't even care that my p**** was a nasty mess and I couldn't stop crying. After the last guy I had to use my panties to wipe myself clean then throw them away. I had over $200 on me when I made the decision to go home. I got a cab and went to a hotel. The next morning I called my husband and begged until he agreed to let me come home.

  • You are all set... just hang a BLM poster in your front window

  • You can go to a tattoo centre and edit this tattoo or replace it with something good. This is the only way you can spend a normal life again with white males at least.

  • How about the stupid white girl that had to go to the ER and get stitches in her ass. Just a tip from someone who knows. When your having s** with two endowed black men letting them DP your ass is not a good idea!

  • How about a different viewpoint. From the perspective of the "black male" in this situation. I am a 30 year old black male. I have read both posts on this subject. I am not into it to the extent I have read. No tattoo's, ownership or property. But over the past 10 years I have had 3 white girls that would fit the description of a "s** slave". Meaning they would do ANYTHING and EVERYTHING I want. All I asked of each of them is to keep their "other" life out of it. No drama! And definitely don't get me shot by your husband.
    And here is why I have been in these relationships with white girls... I have dated many black ladies over the years and GOD black girl are hot and can curl your toes! But I have never been able to get a black girl to do the things a white girl will do. One on one in the bedroom black girls are incredible! But for the kinky and freaky side of my fantasies only a white girl will do those things. A black girl nearly kicked my ass because I suggested a 3sum with a buddy. I have arranged for a white girl to be gang banged by a dozen friends and strangers. All she wanted in return is to please me.
    That is the difference...

  • Your husband is missing out on a good thing. I encouraged my wife to date black men and bring them home and f*** them in our bed. I had set up cameras in our bedroom and have many videos of her f****** as many as six guys one after the other. In some she is being double penetrated and has another guy in her mouth. I have made a lot of money selling the videos of her being f***** by black men.

  • You are so right, it doesn't always go well. In three months my life went to h***. I was an Adult Probation Officer in a major city. Married and two years into a job following college. I had a black probationer who was attractive, charming and always flirting with me. I will call him John. With me being a female probation officer it happens all the time, but this was different. I found myself flirting back and he knew I was obviously attracted to him. Every 90 days I have to make a home visit to each probationer on my caseload in order to verify residence. I was nervous about it but I had to make the check on John. When I got there I found myself so nervous I was talking non stop. John very calmly started taking his clothes off. I know I sounded like an idiot but I started trying to quote probation rules and regulations. Finally he just yelled "shut up". He was naked as I just stood there staring at his great body and very large c***. John didn't say a word, he just pointed at the floor in front of him. I was an officer of the court, in a business outfit with a gun on my side. I stepped forward, got on my knees and began sucking his c***. That's how it started. The s** was great and I started seeing him quite often. I intended to keep on the down low and professional during his office visits. It didn't work out that way. John would make me service him in my office as he took video with his cell phone. That's when the humiliating and degrading s** started. John started sharing me with his friends. I was double penetrated, made to rim their a****, even urinated on. On day John took video while seven of his friends pulled a train on me.
    John knew he had a good thing and kept his mouth shut. But one of the other men busted me. He was on probation with another officer and ran his mouth when he saw me in the office. I lost my job and my husband divorced me.

  • Really sorry you got a rotten deal out this. Learning experiences come from what we do that doesn't work out. The best thing is not to blame yourself and begin work on the rebuilding of your heart and self-worth. I salute your honesty. I understand the way you were feeling before all of this happened. Keep moving forward with some of the hard-earned wisdom you have gathered. You sound like a good human being to me.

  • Hmm..I am sorry your relationship with your husband is no longer. I am white 6'4", 260, thick build, broad shoulders, I have been told I f*** like a black guy unless I'm making love to them. I can always help with questions and answers if you need them.

  • The best response you could come up with?

  • I’ve heard of similar stories where white women was recorded then blackmailed after the fact. Thank you for sharing and maybe it will help another white woman avoid this kind of horror.

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