I want to be an obese fat pig

I love food, and I love the feeling of my belly being distended. My wife knows about it, and she’s trying to help. She’s worried about me getting too big though.

I’m only 160ish right now, but I want to be 250+. I love stuffing my face with fatting rich food, especially donuts. I drink a container of eggnog a day right now, and boost weight gain shakes. I can’t wait to be a stretch mark covered jiggling obese pig - I want to shock my family.

Any tips for getting fatter would be appreciated lol

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Honest question looking for help

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  • Just retired and decided to let myself go. 5'8" and 250 now. Just eat constantly and cut down the movement. The fat rolls will appear.

  • Getting close to 170 which makes me officially overweight. Can’t wait to get bigger

  • Have you been working on that gut?

  • I’m pushing 180, and things seem to be piling on finally. Huge appetite- shooting for 205 in this stretch of stuffing.

  • Literally can’t stop filling my gut with triple burgers, cheesecake, donuts and heavy cream. I’m an addicted fat pig. I can’t wait to hit 250/300

  • I think my metabolism is finally giving up. I suppose eating 6k calories a day will do that. I’m hoping my body is resigning itself to becoming a massive pile of lard. ~180lbs now after years of being unable to gain.

  • And with enough heavy cream/donuts, 200 in the near future :)

  • Working so ** that. ** that food is getting so expensive

  • Yes price of food has skyrocketed. It's the governments way of controlling the people and the obesity crisis. You can thank China Joe Child Molester and the alleged 81 million of his supporters for this mess. Liberals are the problem. Ironically they are also the ones most likely to try to normalize your gross, deviant, obesity.

  • I mean, I hate that guy. He's the worst president in history. You're not wrong though. I'm gross, deviant and a fat hog. I don't think this life is for most people - it's not something that should be normalized, but I definitely enjoy it / need it.

    They're making enormous amounts of garbage junk food nowadays. Some fat hog has to eat it all :)

  • I'm feeding it to my wife. She has gained 260lbs in the last 5 years.

  • Yes eat like a pig! Your wife is helping you get fat so when the heart attack comes, she can watch you die! Then everything is hers and she is free of you! Thats better than murder or divorce!

  • What better way to go? Jiggling and overfed. Immobile… I just want to eat till I can’t move

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