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So my 48 yr old gf has a serious issue. That is she doesn’t bathe/shower like a normal person. Now you may ask what’s normal… well in my opinion bathing/showering should be done every other day, unless you work in an industry where bathing/showering should be done everyday. She is constantly on the go working for a food delivery service, and as she is on the larger size she does sweat profusely. She honestly only bathes on Wednesday evenings, and only washes her hair once maybe twice a week. The part that bothers me about all of this is when she (because I don’t get to say when we have **) wants to have **, she smells horribly. It’s not just her **, but her **, armpits, neck and hair. Now it’s so bad that even thinking of having ** with her upsets my stomach. I don’t want to hurt her feelings, but it would be nice if she didn’t smell like a teen boys locker room after track practice, when I wanted to be near her. I get so turned when I’m around woman that smell amazing, and want that from my gf. Please give me some advice on how to talk to her about this, as I’m not sure how much longer I can last.

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  • Have you tried suggesting that you both shower together . Then soap and wash each other . She could enjoy the experience . Me and my wife have showers , before ** . I love the smell of her clean ** when i eat it .

  • Talk to her openly saying that she smells bad without having a bath at regular interval. Alternatively invite her to have shower together and have ** there. This may turn her on to have bath! !

  • Maybe you should date Jackie? The 40 year old who plays LEGOs in her pajamas on the living room floor all day.

  • Sounds like my nasty sister in law from the Bronx. She is a pale nasty fat leftist ** who ** ghetto thugs and losers.

  • Can you say pass! As in you should pass on the skanky thing you call a girlfriend. I mean really what does her house look and smell like.
    Or could this be your way of degrading women here? Why ask us a question that you already know the answer to?

  • Number one our house is immaculate as I’m retired from the military and all I do is write, cook and clean lol. Two I am in no way degrading woman, I am simply asking if someone has an idea on how to be sensitive towards my gfs severe bathing problem. She’s not skanky, she’s not disgusting she just doesn’t bathe enough. Thanks for your reply though appreciate it!

  • Next time she comes to you to have **, tell her to take a shower first. Or tell her you want to shower together first and wash her yourself. If she refuses, then refuse to have ** with her. Guys can say no too.

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