My love affair.

I started a 13 year love affair with my BIL. That's correct, My sisters husband and I have been having an affair...Oh wait, No we haven't, I have just been in love with him for 13 years.
Here is where s*** went wrong, I turned 15 and turned into a total horn ball, I literally remember the morning I realized I was h****, I woke up, and felt weird, Slid my hand between my legs and fumbled around until I had a o***** and laid there thinking "OMG that was the greatest thing ever", I think I did it 3 more times that day. Anywhoo.
I was at my oldest sisters place for a week previous to her wedding to sort of help out and whatnot and the night of the wedding my BIL carried my sister back to their room, No kidding, Over his shoulder and I woke up hearing them come down the hallway, I opened my door and their room was right across from mine, I whispered "Um.....Is she ok?", He chuckled and said "Oh yeah, Maybe a couple too many glasses of wine. He was struggling to get into their room and I asked if he needed help, He said "Yes please" and handed me the card key, I opened the door and followed them inside, He laid her on the bed and she immediately sat up and stumbled to the bathroom.
He sat down on the bed and I didn't know if I should go help her or not so I just sort of stood there, I asked if he thought she was ok and he said "Oh yeah, She'll be fine, Just gotta pray to the porcelain gods for a while". I heard her say "Hooooney" and he grunted, She said "I don't feel good", He chuckled but didn't move, She called him again and said she needed help so I said "I'll help her", I went to the bathroom and she didn't even look at me, She just said "I need out of this" so I started helping her. I got her out of her dress and realized why, She had on a Corset/Boustier so I helped her get it undone which was no small feat and she started dry heaving in the toilet.
So my sister is sitting on her knees in nothing but her "Wedding night" white thong, Garter and stockings, I remember looking at her thinking "Wow, Sorry BIL I hope she wears this for you some other time because you are missing out tonight that's for sure".
She asked for a blanket so I went and got her one and covered her up, She laid on the floor and I tried to talk her into going to bed but she wanted to stay there on the cool floor so I went back to get her a pillow and came back, She was already passed out and I just lifted her head, Slid the pillow under her head and turned off the light. When I went to get the pillow I noticed my BIL was laid back on the bed but this time I said something to him and he didn't move, I walked over and looked at him and he was asleep, I slipped his shoes off just so he could lay in bed but I kept noticing the bulge in the front of his dress pants and...Well...I couldn't help myself.
I was already just in PJ pants and a t-shirt so if he was even remotely capable of remembering anything he would have remembered that my top was see through, I stood at his knees and his feet were still on the floor, I could see his bulge but I knew he wasn't hard, It was like it was magnetic and my hands were metal, I wanted to leave but I reached out and put one hand on it and I think I started to come, I felt a wave of warmth rush through my entire body. I remember standing there leaning over him and just having my hand on it. I was shaking, Probably sweating and I know for a fact I was already wet.
I grabbed his zipper and it came down so easy, I undid the button and it was right there, I could see the shape of his k*** through his underwear, I had this strong pulsing in my c*** and with each pulse my pants got a little wetter. I put my hand on his underwear and I swear I felt it twitch which scared me but I couldn't stop, I had gone that far and I had a need to see it I slipped one finger in the waistband and then another and another and I touched it, I felt the tip and the warmth and I think I stopped breathing for a minute because I remember gasping quietly.
I wanted to stop, I wanted to not be touching my sisters new husband but before I even realized I had my hand wrapped around it thinking "Oh, I's not as big as I expected" but then....It started to grow, I could feel the blood rush into it in my hand and it got thicker, Then longer, Then harder and my eyes got big as it got bigger. I didn't know then about the difference between growers and showers but he is a grower FOR SURE, I wanted it so bad, I knew if I got caught I would never live it down or forgive myself but I couldn't stop, I pulled his pants and underwear down and he didn't argue. I was sanding thee looking at him and I don't remember exactly and it may have been my lack of experience or maybe not but I remember thinking it was massive.
I stood there and got nervous, I went and checked on my sister who was now sprawled out in her lingerie on the bathroom floor but she was doing her drunk, Heavy breathing so I knew she was ok, I went back to him and he hadn't moved but had gone soft again. I got his pants off completely and knelt down but I was too low so I stood back up and leaned over him, took it in my hand and held it as it started to grow again and then I leaned in and licked it and I was screwed, I knew I couldn't stop and just started sucking it, I had no clue what I was doing but cupped his b**** in my right hand wrapped my left around the shaft and stroked it as I sucked and then it happened.
He hadn't moved before that and I probably had a mini heart attack as his hands grabbed my head and pulled me closer and I was like "Oh s***", His breathing started to match his stomach flexing and at that point I was like "Oh man, I didn't think this through, What am I going to do if he comes" and then he sat up, I looked at him and he looked at me, He was tensing up and started to shake as he whispered "Oh f***, Oh f***", I don't know what was going through his head at that moment but he grabbed my shirt and pulled it over my head, I didn't have a big rack back then, Probably little B's at the time but he was cupping my b**** and pinching my nips and I looked up at him as he moaned "Oh what the f***" and pinched my nips. He started to come, I started trying to swallow but was gagging and choking as I tried, I think I got most of it down if I remember correctly but I was in the middle of my own o***** and trying to swallow his as he ran his fingers through my hair and held my head there looking into my eyes.
He clenched and came so much and I swallowed as best I could and when he was done my legs were all wobbly, My pants were soaking wet, Coincidentally that's when I learned I could squirt and when he was done he laid back gasping for breath, I quickly grabbed my shirt and tip toed to the door, I opened it as quietly as I could and slipped out, I went back to my room, Changed my pants and cleaned up, I sneaked back into bed without waking mom and went to sleep.
Next day at the gift opening he kept looking at me but I don't know if it was actually real or just my concsience but I felt his eyes burning through me the whole time and my sister just sat there in sweats and a t-shirt looking awful. To this day I have no idea if he knows it happed, thinks it happened or has convinced himself it was a dream but we have a special bond that I think both of us can feel. Since then I have spent a lot of time with them and I let him see me in revealing clothes and have many times left a door open when changing or whatever, I often ask him to tie up my bikini tops and over the years have made sure that the way I sit lets him see up the leg of my shorts or down my top, I have slept in the nude with my door open knowing he would walk past my room in the morning and see me. I just take ever single opportunity I can to show him my body and I know he likes it because I catch him looking, I wear booty shorts in front of him or sit cross legged knowing he can see up my shorts and see that I keep it bald, I am 90% sure he has watched me have solo time in their spare room and as much as I wish he would come in and shove that big c*** in me I am also glad he never has even given me any indication he would. I will put on a bikini when I go boating with them and I know my sister thinks it's odd but I refuse to put on any sort of shorts or shirt or cover up in any way when he is around.
I was asked to join them on a trip to Mexico this winter and I can't wait, I already know for a fact I am going to wear thong bikinis and take my top off in front of him on the beach. I have been waiting for my order of bikinis and am so excited.

Oct 29

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  • Hot stuff!!!

  • Go for it. Have fun. Enjoy

  • You have only one life to live. Go for it. Enjoy every moment.

  • Uhhhh....So this makes me wonder, My younger sister is constantly getting caught in some form of undress by my husband, He always makes sure to tell me because he says he doesn't want me to find out and be like "Why didn't you tell me" but I always just thought she was careless.

  • Honey,

    Your sister wants to be with your hubby and he is very tempted or else he would not tell you of her little flirts. He is feeling guilty and telling you makes him feel better.

    You should have your sister go on vacation with you guys or invite her over for a “sleep over”. Have a nice dinner some alcohol and just let them hook up and enjoy.

    There is nothing better than watching your hubby pound another woman. Then lick her dirty little kitty clean. That will drive your husband wild. Next thing you know you will be licking up his c** while he is c****** inside of you.

    Try it. It’s incredible!!

    Trust me.

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