I got a new job.

I just got hired as a nanny/Aupair which is awesome but when my mom asked me how I aquired this job I had to lie and tell her a friend of a friend knew the guy. Truth be told.....It was a totally F'd up situation that led to this.
I went to a party after the bar that some friends were going to and there was an older guy there, At the time I thought mid to late 40's, I now know 47, We were at the party and I kinda wondered why he was there, it was all late teens to early 20's and him, I was totally into the one guy and we ended up sneaking off to one of the bedrooms and I don't even know how he ended up in the room with us but we are making out and going at it and suddenly I look up and he is sitting in a chair watching us, The guy I was with knew him and jus said to never mind and we went back to making out.
I was kind of creeped out that this guy was there watching an 18 year old girl making out with a guy but I was pretty drunk and went along with it, On it went and I took my top off, I took his top off and he laid me down, I kinda forgot about the other guy and before I knew it I had my pants off and the guy I was with was doing me, I looked up and the other guy was sitting in his chair at the foot of the bed obviously watching the other guys d*** go in and out of me, I was like WTF.
I kept going and then felt the bed move and looked, He was laying across the other guys one leg like looking right in there, The guy I was with looked back and then lifted my legs up onto his shoulders, We were going and then I felt a thumb rubbing my butt hole, I was like "Nope, No, No" and switched positions, I got on top and he sat back down in the chair but after a minute he was behind me again with his hand on my butt crack shoving his thumb in my butt, I was like "Ow, Ow, No...Stop it" and he pulled his thumb out and started groping me, grabbing my b**** and butt.
The guy I was with said he was going to come and wanted me to swallow it so I moved down on my hands and knees and sucked him and I was focusing on finishing that and the other older guy was still feeling me up so I wasn't really focusing on him but he was behind me fingering me and then I was like "Oh shiiiiiiiit, Hold on, Wait...." and he grabbed my hips and the guy I was sucking held my head down on his c*** as I tried to tell him to stop and then I was like "Ooooh my god that hurts, Stop, Stop" and then it slid all the way in.
I actually had to look because I didn't even believe it was his c*** he was shoving in me, It was huge.
Finally the guy I was with let me go and I was able to talk, I said "Owwww, F***, Stop please, It's too big", He pushed my head down and f***** me so hard, I begged him to come and he finally pulled out, Held me on the bed by my hair and came on my face, I was so sore and humiliated and disgusted that all I could do was lay there and cry, They both laughed at me and the first guy I was with spread my legs and rubbed me saying "Don't worry girl, You are gonna get lots of d***, May as well get broke in right".
They left the room and I got dressed and went back downstairs, All my friends had ditched out and it was just the three of us, I didn't know where I was or what to do and ended up on the older guys lap, The first guy I was with disappeared and I got stripped down again and he spent the entire night just destroying me, Telling me how beautiful I was and then turning around and telling me I was a dirty w**** I fell asleep and woke up when someone kicked my foot, I looked up and it was a girl somewhere in her 20's I'd guess and she said "Put some clothes on and get out, What the f***" and as she walked aw ay she said "F***'n dirt bag little s*** sleeping on my couch", I was sore and my hair was all stuck together, I had dried come all over everywhere and could only find my skirt and shirt, My bra and underwear were long gone.
I went to the kitchen and asked if she could call me a cab, She said "I'll call you a cop car...Or you can f*** off and figure out your own life", I started to cry a little and she said "Oh sweetheart, Don't cry", I looked at her and she said "Until you get home and realize you are a disgusting w****...Now leave please". I left and was so embarrassed, I walked down the street and looked like a complete mess, My shirt was half see through, I looked like I woke up in a dumpster and it was obvious I had come in my hair and I was crying.
As if my day couldn't get any worse a car pulls up, The window rolls down and I hear "Get in, I'll give you a ride", I look and I am like FML. It's the older guy, I get in, He says he was just on his way back to get his phone he left at the house, We stop, He goes in and comes back and says "Ok, Where do you want to be dropped off?", I looked at myself in the visor mirror and said "I don't know, I cant go anywhere looking like this, My mom is home..." and started to cry. He says "so you want to get cleaned up?". I nodded my head and we drove to his house, Neither of us said much but we went inside and he led me to the shower off his bedroom so I start the shower and undress and step in.
He had a really nice house and a big shower so I am in the shower and the door opens and he sticks his head in, I'm like "Uuuhhh....Hi", He asks if I need anything and I say no and he closes the door, A few seconds later it opens again and he steps in naked and I am like....F***. He starts lathering me up and so on, Puts my hand on his d*** and I tell him I can't because I am so sore and he appologizes for f****** me so hard, that's what he said "Sorry I f***** you so hard" and then he told me to get on my knees, I did, He stroked himself while I sucked his b**** and he came on my face again then got out of the shower and said "Hurry up".
I got out and he was standing against the counter and watched as I toweled off and put my shirt and skirt back on, Half assed did my hair and then he said "Do you have a job?", I shook my head no and he said "Do you want one?", I nodded my head yes and he said "Be here monday at 8:00 am. I said "ok" and then he dropped me off at home. I went back Monday at 8:00 and he invited me in, He was cheery and friendly and led me to the kitchen where I was greeted by his three kids 8-5-3 years old, He introduced me as the new nanny and I was like "Uhhhh" and he said "Ok, so here is what it entails", We made the kids breakfast and lunches, Got them in the vehicle and drove them to school, Went back to his house and he gave me my list of duties and said "I'll be back later to check on you", and left.
He came back shortly after lunch and asked how it was going, I told him I was done everything and he said "Good", He walked up and ran his fingers through my hair and said "Take off your clothes", I did as I was told and he was much more gentle, Made sure I was ok and we spent all afternoon trying to gently fit his c*** in me, Around 2 he said "Ok, Finish this" and I gave him head, Swallowed and he said "Ok, Get dressed and pick the kids up at 3:30" and handed me a set of keys and left.
2 months later I am loving my job, He comes home every second or third day and we do it and then he comes home around 6 and I go home but he recently asked me to have a friend join us and if I do I can move into the spare room downstairs and I think I am going to try.

Oct 29

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  • He has no respect for you, and he will eventually replace you! No one deserves to be treated like that!

  • What a w****

  • Proof that money CAN buy happiness!!

  • OMG! What a story!
    I’m from South Florida and my high school graduated us early in 2020 due to Covid. My mom & dad were on my a** to get a job when the lockdown ended. I didn’t want to work as a casher so mom suggested I babysit. I joined an online app and got a messages from an older couple mid 40s with a ‘late in life’ surprise two year old. She’s an RN and he’s a pharmacist. They liked that I was the oldest and felt I was responsible enough for an interview. My interview was Saturday because they were both off work and I could possibly start on Monday. I didn’t tell mom but I got messaged she’d got put on call and I’d be interviewing with her husband. I wanted this job. I knew my mom’s ’old school’ & thinks you should dress up for interviews. I asked mom to help me with hair and makeup. I was making a joke when I suggested wearing my Easter dress because due to Covid we didn’t attend Easter mass. Mom insisted I wear the dress and let me wear a pair of her heels.
    I thought the guy was hot and he instantly started checking me out when I arrived. He asked a few questions and I kept crossing my legs to keep his attention. I told him I’m willing to do anything for this job. I made the first move and gave him head. I came prepared but he had condoms on hand too. We had s** in the living room.
    I thought I had the job but his wife found out and blew up my phone. She tried getting me banned from the app but they would only allow her to post her experience and give me a bad review.
    The guy secretly messaged me from a different number to apologize. He said his wife moved a Ring baby camera into the living room so she could record and watch the interview later and forgot to tell him. The guy actually told me this isn’t the first time and asked me to hookup with him again after things calm down. WTF!

  • Hot af lucky dude

  • I also work as a live in nanny for a single dad, He has his kids every second week but works full time so I look after the kids the week he has them, He leaves early in the mornings but comes home after work everyday. The week we have the kids I sleep in my room downstairs but the week we don't...OMG. Hmmm, Bring a friend in, Interesting idea.

  • I'm in my mid-40s but look younger than my real age. During this lock-down months having lost my job, I now work as nanny to look after a 3 yo girl of her divorced dad aged 33. He is nice and handsome and pay me good. Lately I noticed that he cannot sleep at night. I offered him to soothe his nerve and let him sleep by stroking his head and hair. One of those nights I felt drowsy and might have rested my upper body beside his bed. Suddenly, I found him sleeping enclosing my shoulder and back his side. I felt h**** being without s** for long and hugged him close. He reciprocated and kissed me on my mouth while fondling my b****. It felt soooo good and we had s** with maddening libido. This now has become regular incident soon after the baby goes to sleep. I am happy with my job...

  • What makes you happy go ahead.

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