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I have always had a fantasy about being raped, I don't know why but the idea of being forced drives me wild, I used to try to get my ex to play along but he was never into it, I tried to get him to involve someone else but that was a HARD no, After we split I met my husband, We got married and I had kind of been keeping my fantasy to myself but I got busted watching a video of a girl being forced and was playing with myself, My husband and I sat down and I told him about it and we did some stuff but it really wasn't working for me, Just the idea of knowing it was him as I tried to play like I didn't want it had outgrown it self.
I told him I didn't want to do it anymore and he was very sympathetic to my plight, At one point I even considered counselling, We have had a couple encounters with friends of mine but never with another guy, Not my thing, I don't want to be tag teamed, I want to be raped and I told him that.
I explained that I don't want to really be raped just play rape and not some set up thing where he just throws me on the bed and is rough with me while I pretend not to want it, The whole thing has in the past ruined relationships multiple times and I started to feel it was ruining this one so I started counselling, What a joke, I don't know if all counselors are quacks but mine was, I quit going and my husband knew I was frustrated with the fact that I even have this fantasy, I know it's not normal and I feel terrible even talking to him about it but I now know he is the man for me.
One night while my husband was at his weekly poker game I was sitting on the couch wearing my sweats and one of my husbands t-shirts, I heard a noise at the back door and called his name, No reply, I got up and went to the back door, Nothing, I went to the bedroom, Nothing, I started to get a bit scared and texted my husband but got no reply, I thought I heard a noise downstairs so I went downstairs and there was nothing out of the ordinary. I went back upstairs and locked all the doors, and was about to go back to my movie when I was grabbed from behind.
I was pushed to the floor in the kitchen and raped, I honestly didn't think about it, I was actually fighting but he way overpowered me and had me face down on the floor, He held my hands above my head and pulled my sweat pants down, before I knew what was happening he shoved a really big c*** in me from behind, I was for real scared crying and kicking but I had no chance, Once he was in me he used his body to hold me down and ripped, Yes ripped my shirt off, He reached under me and roughly grabbed at my t*** and nipples, He pinched my nipples hard, To the point it hurt for real, He hammered me h****** the floor and then sat up and held me down with one hand and shoved the thumb of his other hand in my bum, I got to the point where I was too exhausted to fight and that was when I started to enjoy it, I laid there completely exhausted from fighting and felt a flood of emotion but landed on excitement.
He was amazing, Huge, Hard and rough, He had his way with me from behind then rolled me over, He forced my legs apart and shoved into me, He was bigger than I would have chosen but by that time it didn't matter, I was dripping wet and he had me pinned down, Everything I told him not to do he did more, He slapped my t*** hard and I begged him to stop, He bit my nipples and I cried no more, He pulled out and I said "No, No, Not on my face" Which was for real, I have never and would have never ok'd that but he slapped me and knelt on my arms jerking his big c*** coming on my face.
I told him to get off me and he did, I stood up and he grabbed me again, Spinning me around and bending me over the counter, My legs were wobbly and I had already came twice but as I pushed him away he whispered "Oh, You don't decide when we are done, I do" and slammed his still hard c*** in me, He pounded me from behind and there was no way I could not enjoy it, He was too big, Too hard and too rough, He pulled my hair and slapped my t*** while he f***** me with his thumb in my ass, I came again and he shoved me to the floor coming on my face again then wiped his big c*** off on my face and leaned in whispering "Next time I am going to be rough" and walked out.
When i could use my legs again I went and showered, I was scared and cried a lot and I didn't know what had just happened, At first I thought my husband had set it up but when he got home I was in bed, He came in, Never said a word and went straight to trying to get some, I pushed him away saying I was tired, Which I was, exhausted to be honest, the next day I had a wide range of emotions concerning the night before and up until now my husband has not said a word and I kept our bedroom antics to the dark until my bruises healed which there were only a few and not real bad ones but now I don't know if it was real or some set up by the man I love.

Feb 10, 2019

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  • I used to force my ex wife but she was never into it and we separated partly because of it. I met this other girl at a coffee shop and for about a year we used to chat about feelings and connectedness and love languages and all sorts of stuff. I told her that if ever I get involved again I want to girl who is adventurous in s**. Turned out she is. It's a lot of fun. She likes normal s** and also like rough s**. Effectively rape. It started with me just being a bit forceful and then another time she was putting her arms above and beside her head and I asked her about it and she said it was like being helpless or surrendering. So next time I tied her arms like that and after I asked how it was and she said "a weird feeling maybe that's what it's like to be raped" I asked if she'd like that and she said taken by the one she loves. That's me.

    So we have played rape a few times. I like it when she really puts up a fight.

  • If this actually happened to you, then I would bet that it was definitely set up by your husband. I don't think he will mention it to you, but I bet that if you say something to him about it, he will act surprised and tell you that he did not do that and then ask you why you didn't say anything when he came home. He did it for you babe, so just enjoy it, because it just might happen again. Just hope it doesn't cause you any problems with your pregnancy.

  • Cool!

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