Beyond squirter

I get excessively wet when I get sexually aroused. It has been a problem since puberty and has caused me so much embarrassment.
I know girls that claim to "squirt" during s** but my problem is beyond that. I can simply get aroused seeing a hot guy or fantasizing and I have to change my panties and sometimes my pants. Many times as a h**** teenage girl my friends actually thought I peep my pants.
My first time actually having s** was mortifying! It was in the backseat of a car. When we were done the backseat was soaked and an absolute mess. The guy got in so much hot water from his dad because of the stains.
Even now in my 30's it is the same. Me and my husband have to put down a beach towel if we are having s** on the bed. If we don't we can't even sleep because the bed is soaked.
My doctor says this is perfectly normal and many women have this condition. I have never met one...

Nov 3

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  • I am a squirter too. I need to be seriously aroused in bed before I do it though.

  • How do you do it? I want to squirt.

    My husband and I had a three way with my old college roommate and she gushed. They climaxed at the same time which my hubby and I usually do but instead of being done he became more aroused and began to f*** her even harder. I turned me on to see my husband with such raw animalistic sexual energy. He continued until they climaxed agian.

    Jennifer’s said her entire body was numb after the climax. I want to give my husband that same experience

  • It just happens when I get really turned on. It takes a lot out of me sometimes.

  • Wow! You are so blessed. I’ve never squirted. I want to but never had that happen.

    My husband has given me multiple o****** on several occasions. It’s made my body numb but no squirt.

  • I had a few encounters with a co worker with the exact this. I won't call it a problem because it really turned me on. She was a natural redhead and it was so hot!

  • Gushers are soo hot.

    Red bush is supper sexy.

    You found heaven on earth

  • That is sooo hot.

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