Good old days...

Remember when girls and boys were GIRLS and BOYS! I am a 55 year old guy and spent my teen years in the 80's. Lived in a rural area. We all met on party nights by the river, bon fire, listening to Kiss, the Crue, and even Bon Jovi when he was good.
There was no "me too" movement back then. When girls partied as hard as the boys things happened. Now a days if a girl takes so much as an aspirin its rape if you have s** with her. Guys were on a drunk girl like a pack of wolves back then.
In my case it was the best night of my life. It was a typical night, maybe 20 people at the spot. Most of the girls had their boyfriends there but there was 3-4 single girls and everyone was hitting the keg hard. A buddy of mine came up and nudged me to follow him. As we walked to one of the cars in the back he explained that he had just had s** with a girl we knew from school (I will call her Jamie). As we got to the car there were 2 guys standing beside it looking in the window. When I peeked in a guy was in the backseat and all I could see was his ass bouncing up and down and her legs spread wide! When he finished he got out of the car and one of the guys watching got in. I watched him, then the next guy f*** her. Finally it was my turn! I got in and pulled my pants down. Jamie was completely hammered and I am not sure she even recognized me. As I got in between her legs she grabbed me around the neck and kissed me as my d*** slid in her warm, sloppy p****. It was the most amazing sexual experience of my life!! When I got out of the car another guy was waiting for his turn. I don't know how many guys had her that night, at least 6 or more. Even knowing what she did I couldn't stop thinking about her all weekend. On Monday morning I couldn't stop myself. I went up to Jamie and apologized, saying I was there on Saturday night and hinted I was one of the guys. She was embarrassed but didn't freak out. I asked her out on the spot. We dated all through high school and later married. We are still together. I fell in love with her right there in that back seat after watching her f*** 3 other guys.
If it were in today's time I would have been in jail being Bubba's girlfriend. Things were so much better back then.

Jan 19

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  • My wife's parents were really strict with her. She was always supervised. Never alone. So no chance for her to have s**. Even at 22 when her parents went out they would either take her with them or have a baby sitter.

  • I went to a church youth group.

    After a couple of years so about 19 years of age a group of about 5 couples would meet at one of their houses and watch TV and play games. Most importantly we would take turns going into a bedroom and making out.

    My gf mother was really strict and made her wear a dress, tights and control briefs. I loved feeling her up. The tight constriction was a real turn on. She did not want to have s** as she saw s** before marriage as sinful. I was ok with that. So we would engage in mutual masturbation. To contain the mess, I would put a plastic bag over my p**** with some baby oil or hand cream for lube. I'd lie her on her back and rub her while I humped the bed.

    All the Thick tight layers that she wore made it hard to rub her to o*****. I convinced her to try some plastic with some hand cream for lube.
    One day when we went back to this house. She said she'd put the plastic and lube in before she got dressed to come to youth group. She said she'd been wearing it when her mum inspected her before she went out. This inspection by the way included her having to lift her dress to show she had the control briefs on.

    So when it was our turn for the bed room, I rubbed her to her first o*****. From then on she was hooked.

  • Do you know how many guys f***** her before that night? I watched my wife losing her virginity to one guy and being f***** by 5 more guys at a frat party before I got a turn with her. The next day I saw her sitting in the dining hall and I sat down with her. She asked me if I was one of the guys and how many had f***** her. I told her that I was number 7 and there were 4 more after me. Then I asked her out for the next Friday night and we spent hours in bed just the two of us. Several of the guys that f***** her that night we friends of mine including the guy that took my wife's virginity. We would often get together and party together and every time that my wife got drunk several of the guys would f*** her.

  • Amen! It was so much better back then. It only happened to me once somewhere around 1990. Nice girl, first year of college and too much drinking at a fraternity house party. I woke up in a strange bed completely naked with dried c** all over my stomach and t***. Guy I had never met before asleep in bed beside me. I got up, found my clothes, then my car and went back to my apartment. Life moved on and there were many parties after that.

  • It was so much better back then. These days PC is totally out of control! 😒

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