Pleasant Surprise

Non binary is a term I was not familiar with until recently. I am 30 years old and moved into a small apartment complex in a small town following a divorce.
Anyway there are always people hanging out in the parking lot and a picnic area. There was always an interesting pair hanging around. A young girl I later found out was 18, and her "little brother" who is 17.
I would talk to them and we got friendly to the point they would ask to hang out around the apartment in the evenings. I later found out their dad was my old school bus driver when I was in high school. The reason they tried to spend as much time away from home as possible is that dad was a sexual abuser (but that's another story).
The focus of this story is the "little brother". That's how the 18 year old always referred to him. But I thought he was a little odd. Small for his age, very feminine and always wore baggy sweats. The 18 year old was a typical hottie always wearing tight jeans, shorts, cut off shirts.
One evening it was just me and the little brother, TV was on, I was floating back and forth from the kitchen. At one point little brother stopped me and wanted to talk. He started talking about how important it is not to judge, then he started in on all the liberal BS about how there is no difference in being a boy or a girl. That's when the light bulb clicked in my head and I knew my instincts were right, little brother is actually "LITTLE SISTER". Once she knew I understood she asked if I thought she was attractive? When I said yes, she stepped forward and put her arms up over my shoulders, I bent down and kissed her. She stepped back and peeled off her sweats. It was kind of weird. She was a big time tom boy type, short and skinny, boy haircut standing there is a sports bra and boys jockey underwear. But I was super turned on. She let me take off the rest. She had tiny A t*** and a tight little rock hard ass! She had a natural bush (which I like) and told me she shaved her legs and pits just for me. We both laughed. I picked her up and carried her into the bedroom. God it was great, her little p**** was so tight!
So now I have had my education on non binary. We actually go out together and sometimes people ask if she is my son or brother. We usually just say yes, it makes it even hotter!

Nov 4

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  • Love some of her tight littlepussy, bet her ass would be fun oo

  • A 30 year old man and a 17 year old transgender boy! Bull shitt! She didn't trans to date 30 year old loser males! They date women!

  • Yeah! the world conforms to simple uncomplicated un-nuanced rules and nobody breaks them ever even when they're h****. Riiight? Lol!

  • You are wrong. It happens. I am a 53 year old guy. When I was 45 (roughly) I dated a girl exactly like the one in this post. Little older, she was 24. It didn't last long, just a few months. She dressed and groomed like a boy and even used an ace bandage to wrap her b****. But when she did get naked she was HOT!

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