Dungeons and Dragons

I know there's some guys at work that play dungeons and dragons weekly. They're just what the stereotype is. They wear clothes like their dad's, they're awkward around women and I doubt any of them have ever had s**. Actually one is married to a girl that works there but she's kind of fat and homely. They're ages are probably mid twenties to maybe 40. Two are kind of dumpy, one is out and out fat, and two are ridiculously skinny. One still has acne and I swear a couple of them don't bathe often. None of them are attractive at all.

I'm attractive, keep myself fit, and I wear very sexy clothes all the time, it's just my thing, but I've gotten so that I like to make sure they see me as often as it's reasonable for me to go by where they work. I try to make a point of stopping for something, bending over, if I can stand near them, I try to make sure we touch in some way. I know they watch me and I love it. I've even gone to the ladies room right after seeing them and felt that I'm wet.. Now I fantasize about going to one of their dungeons and dragons games, dressed like one of the sexy characters from the gothic or medieval or whatever you call it type girls in movies like that, and let them do anything they want with me. I'd ask that they tie me up, blindfold me if they want and roll dice if they need to to come up with things to do to me. I just want their eyes on me and I'd love to feel them all touching me all over my body. I m********* to this fantasy a couple times a week.

Nov 5

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