Dream job gone bad

My dream job turned into the most embarrassing day of my life. Right out of college a friends dad got me an interview for a good job. The interview went well and I was asked to come back for a 2nd interview with a higher up.
The guy actually offered me a better job than the one I was shooting for. I quickly accepted. He explained I would be under his direct supervision and made me sign some paperwork. In it was a 30 day, for any reason, release clause.
A week into the job the guy started hitting on me. Oh, I forgot to explain, I am a guy too. I told him I was straight but he kept trying. Finally he just came out and said he could easily find something to let me go for within the 30 days. I really wanted the job and one day at lunch I asked what he wanted me to do. We went to his car and I gave my first b******.
The next day he called me into his office. He shut and locked the door. He made me suck his d*** for awhile. Then he made me take my pants off and bend over the desk. He f***** me in the ass. When I walked out and back into the employee space I noticed everyone was staring and some were pointing and laughing! I found out that this guy has done this several times before and the office knows all about his habits. I was so humiliated I left that day and never went back.

Nov 6

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