My Wife Does Whatever She Wants

I'm really sweet to her and really do everything she wants but she won't let me watch when she f**** her boyfriends!

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  • I worship the ground my gf walks on and she doesn't allow me to participate either. i like it that way, the mystery is a turn on, as is knowing "our" s** life is 100% focused around her comfort and pleasure, not what i want

  • The first time my wife f***** another guy I didn't watch. I let them do their thing and get comfortable with one another. The next time she was full of d*** at both ends.

  • It's because she dosent think you can handle the sight of her taking 10 inches of wrist thick black meat. Pretty sure that's why

  • Yasssss lol

  • My wife on occasion and mostly when we are away on holiday likes to entertain a young hung guy and I have watched discreetly from a dark corner when she has left the apartment door ajar;this started when she was in her late 30s and now at 52 it happens less sadly;she started late (sexually) and had very little experiance and had never orgasmed in her life not even when madturbating herself;we got together when she was 37 and I helped open her eyes along with other things 😌 talked her into flashing at first and then moved it on,she finally disclosed her liking for wanting to try a young guy with a huge c*** and lots of stamina;to date she has had a few 8" c**** and when in Crete 4 summers back a young beach lifeguard with a good 10" which made her whimper and squeal all throu the late afternoon as I sat on a stool just behind the drape curtains on the balcony to start with,then crept to within a few feet of them,amazing site to see as he took her hard and deep stretching her beyond limits,she cried real tears but was determined not to fail and took him fully both anally and in her tiny puffy p****,this last year she hasn't had any outside c*** but maybe as the new year begins I can persuade her to go for it again

  • I (a wife ) don't let husband know I'm having a very physical affair with another woman. I love him tones and do not want to break up.

  • Get yourself a girlfriend. Turn-a-bout is fair play!

  • Maybe buy her a strap on too so she knows who's completely in control of the situation. ;)

  • Or instead of getting a side hoe he could confront his wife and offer to wear a chastity cage indefinitely

  • Fake!

  • You obviously live a sheltered life.

  • Man you are totally f*****.

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