The only time I felt scared of a woman

This is a long story and it happened last year before I graduated. My best friend at university was being used by a physically attractive but really nasty woman who was studying at the same place we were. I was instrumental in persuading my friend to dump her (long story) something he appreciated but she always bore a grudge against me for it.

Anyway flash forward a few months and I am at a party at a flat in East London and I let myself get seduced by the one of the hosts who happens to be a good looking pan guy (also at my uni). At that time I had never been with man before but I was curious and found him attractive. One thing lead to another and we we ended up in bed. He was very dominant, liked to be rough and used toys on me and we had quite a session with f***ing me a few times. I had mixed feelings about the experience. I realised that I was capable of enjoying physical intimacy with a man but just not him. He was too rough and it felt like I was being used rather than made love to. The hours I spent with him had taken a lot out of me and despite feeling drained, sore and very tender, I snuck out early in the morning to head back to my room at uni. I needed some air and time to myself to process my experience.

Whilst walking the deserted streets to the underground, and by a very unpleasant coincidence, I ran into my friend's ex girlfriend (perhaps returning from a club - I don't know). She was dressed in a long black leather coat and over-the-knee black high heeled boots. Upon seeing me she launch into an abusive rant. She poked me a few times and shoved me. Normally this would be no issue but I was conscious of my vulnerability and too weak to fight her off or even run away from her. So I brazened it out. I acted as if I was not afraid of her and told her I didn't care what she thought or might do. There were times during that argument (couldn't have been much more than 10 minutes) where she looked predatory almost aware of how weak I was and how easily she could beat me up or worse. What she was wearing and her manner made her more intimidating and it was frightening when she got up close. She eventually walked off, much to my relief, swearing as she left. When I got to the underground station and sat on the platform I cried. Thankfully nobody was around. The ordeal was terrifying.

Nov 9


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  • Do you want her? Sounds like you wanted her to dominate you?

  • I was terrified of her.

  • But despite that there was a part of me that wanted her.

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