Marry my sister husband

My name is Ramya. I am 25 years old. My sister is 5 years older than me. She had married before 10 years ago. She has no child. Doctor confirmed that she can't be carry a child. They suffered a lot without having a child. I am not interested in marriage although my family compelled for my marriage. But I refused it. Two years ago, one day my sister came to me and cried a lot for not having child. She asked me to give birth a child for her husband. First I refused her. After that she came daily and cried lot. My family also suggests me to do that for my sister since you are not going to marry, then why you can't carry a child for your beloved sister. Then I agreed to carry a child only through artificial insemination. We consulted a doctor. She checked my body and I am good condition for artificial insemination. But the cost of charge she told in lakhs. We are poor family we can't pay that amount. We have also consulted two three doctors but the result is same. My sister started weeping. This time she becomes very serious since she has a faith having a child by me and it suddenly broken. She was affected mentally and physically. I feel pity of my sister. I can't able see the condition of my sister. she didnt eat for a week. i went to see her. by seeing her condition i asked what you want. she asked to promise to gave birth a child by s** with her husband. then only, I accepted to my sister to carry a child for her husband by having s** with her husband. I thought for one day only we have to s** with him.she also told me just one day only you have to sacrifice. But the condition is different. i am not pregnant after having s**. we consulted a doctor. The doctor told that you can't be pregnant by one day. At least you have to s** for one month. then my sister told me you have entered half well, please fulfill it. then I have s** with my brother in law for one month. After that I have become pregnant. then i came to my home, but that time i starved for s**. After some months I gave birth to a female child. doctor adviced me to give milk for, I have been in my sister's house for this 1 year to feed the child. oneday, my sister husband came one night and asked me for s**. I also allowed him because I also started loving him since we have lived as husband and wife also i am starving for s** for one year. Now only I understand about marriage. i told my brother in law, that i cant imagine other than you to s** with me. My sister husband told my condition to my sister and she told to my family members. All consulted and told me let you marry my sister husband. My sister also accepted since she had only done a sin to me. I also in a mind to accept this. I know I can't be a legal wife. But since we are sisters there will be no problem with us. What I have to do.

Oct 2, 2012

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