the day my world came crashing down

hi..i received the worst possible bombshell in my life today..bef i mention that, here's just a short flashback. i was with my boyfriend X in 2007 till Sep 2007. Due to parental objections and his possesiveness, things kinda ended abruptly. He truly loved me but i said i wanted a way out and the elders in the home helped to put an end to it. In order to protect me, the elders began to arrange hurriedly for a bride for him.. n he did get engaged in nov '07.but he really had no feelings whatsoever for the gal, and anyone who knew him, were shocked that this was the gal for him cos they knew his taste. but after realising he cld nvr be with that gal, he broke off the engagement,..on the day of the engagement i really cried cos i missed him so much.. there was a window period after the engagement,n he asked me out again..thinkin it was the right thing to do, i told him NO. but i didnt expect his side to find him another bride so swiftly, and in the end, arrangements were made. He hid from me the fact that a girl was fixed for him. When i confronted, he said how to tell to the person i love that i was getting the end we continued to meet secretly even after his ROM n wedding which was last sept... we dun sleep with each other or anything..but it's like we are lovers...i tried to move away after his wedding , but he persisted n i myself couldnt not be with him..he has been celibate with his wife and i knw that from the kind of smses she sends me n stuff...both of them had decided to divorce but put on a false facade for their was the worst day-he told me she was could that be? my world cam crashing down..if he was really celibate, how could it even happen..he said he was in shock, he was definitely sure it was nt his fault..but he say the gal seemed so confdident that it makes him unsure...he said he had WET dreams..but hello, can u get pregannt without the guy being conscious..i told him to F*** off n i told him i cannot believe that he betrayed still stunned..all he said was do u tink im happy? i dun even knw what happened..whatever i tell u also, u won't believe me...ifor the first time in my life, i was screaming n crying in the subway station on a payphone..saying F-word for the frst time in my life..n i said it several so lost..i dunno what to do..he said,he is going to ask the wfe what really is going on..he said to call him tmr...a tiny part of me still believes him..but isn;t it just too incredible?..the gal even smsed him "i didnt get any happiness from you. i knw u are the last person in the world to be happy..n blah bla" really confused...u guys can curse me for being the other woman..but after ur cursing, do offer me sme advice..cos behind the "other woman" label, im just a lost female,looking for a light after my entire world crashed on me...

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  • thanks for the first comment. im not so dumb as to reply to my own confession.

  • He is playin ya, jst want to have his bread buttered on both sides!!! move on with your life and stop waiting for him. How long are you prepared to wait and be the other woma? Even if they get divorced, who's to say he wont find someone else again like he did before? You are obviously obssessed and afraid to be without him, but it will be worth it to get over your fears, move on and be trully happy.

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