So I met this Gal at Work one day. She worked for another Company and she was their Sales Rep. Very nice and attractive as well. We started going out and after many Months we decided to move in together. She had a Teenage Daughter that was 16yo when I first met her. She seemed ok, not overly friendly, but never did I think she was going to be a Teenager from H***. So it wasn't long before the problems began. Problems at School and she was Suspended for fighting or getting caught Smoking. Her Mom pretty much blew it off as Teenage Rebellion. So I want to see the Girl do good and have a chance at life when she gets out of School. Then she started bringing home Boys, and sneaking them into the House after we went to bed. I sucked it up until s*** started to go Missing. So I said to her Mom one night I wasn't happy about this and she said well maybe I could do the fatherly thing and have a talk with her Daughter. So one Night when the Daughter came home while her Mom was still at Work I decided to have a Talk with her. I wasn't being a P**** about it, I was just saying she was going to bring a lot of Problems for her and her Mom if she kept carrying on the way she had been. This little Twit looks at me and tells me to get off her Ass or she would have CPS on my Ass, and tell them I tried to have S** with her! Well if anyone knows how CPS works, you know you're going to Jail and nobody wants to hear a word you have to say until you get a Lawyer! Thank God for a good friend and Technology, I called a buddy of mine after the little B**** went upstairs to her Room and told him what just happened. So he told me to grab my Phone and bring up the Voice Note Pad on the screen. Told me to talk to her again and get her to say something that would incriminate herself and that's exactly what I did. Went to her Room and asked her why she would call CPS on me and Lie. Well she gave me exactly what I wanted and even more than I could have hoped for. Even if she called CPS on me now I had her Bullshit Story to cover my Ass! When her Mom got home I told her I was packing my things and leaving the next day, which I did!


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  • Fake - this confession is all over the internet!

  • About 5yrs ago a Neighbor down the Street was arrested for physically abusing his 16yo Daughter. Of course we thought that was pretty crummy to do to your own Daughter. However, there was more to the Story. It seems the Father had grounded his Daughter a few days earlier for something she had done. So to get back at her Father, she called the Cops and said he had been physically abusing her. The Cops never gave him a chance to explain, they just put the handcuffs on and took him to Jail. The Daughter finally admitted what she had done, and her Father still spent 3 days in Jail. From what I heard after he got out of Jail he threw his Daughter out of the House and his Wife left him not too long after. The House went up for Sale and the Father moved away.

  • You moved in with a woman with a teenage daughter after many months. Not years of knowing her.. months. That's never a good idea with or without kids. You did the right thing in getting out of there. But you were pretty naive to think that the daughter would listen to anything you had to say. She didn't respect you. You were just another guy in her mother's bed and not her father. It's really the mother's fault for having you move in so fast and thinking that's okay with a teenage daughter. It really sets up a bad example for her daughter to have men come and go like she has been doing. And who knows..your intentions were good to help the daughter. Not all guys think that about a teenage girl. That is exactly what her daughter is learning from her mom. Love = Attention from men. Because you know you weren't the first and you won't be the last. Her mom chooses these men over her daughter each and every time. Sure, there's normal teenage rebellion and then there's teenage rebellion that happens when parents do dumb things. It's really sad.

  • I was thinking you need to run away from this dysfunctional mess by the second sentence. I'm glad you did. Her mother wouldn't set up boundaries and you could get into trouble like if the little b**** accuses you of being sexually inappropriate with her. Then you'll end up in jail and a prison record. You did the right thing.

  • I had a live-in girlfriend several years ago whose daughter tried the exact same s*** on me. When her mom got home, I made the girl explain to her what she planned on doing to me, and told her if she ever made the threat again, or ever tried to follow through on it, they were both out on their a****. Next day, the girl came home early from school, stripped naked and tried to seduce me (I was pretty sure she had a camera set up somewhere). I called her mother and told her to come get the little b**** and find a place for both of them to sleep that night.......and every night after that. I was done. You did the right thing.

  • It's really amazing the level of selfish entitlement that teenagers have today. VERY glad you got out when you did, because it was only going to get worse.

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