Jehovah Witnesses and the hability of our planets

As people Jehovah Witnesses are as good as anybody and I'm never mean to them when they come to my door. On a hot summers day they get cokes and ice tea from me. I read their pamphlets which are sometimes interesting.

Ok heres one of my many problems with their faith. They eschew science. I was talking to two JW ladies about the planets in our solar system and how Venus and Mars used to be habitable. These ladies asked how many people used to live on those now destroyed planets. Well uh. None.

The JW's are a growing religion but I wonder exactly what type of person joins them???? They definitely aren't rocket scientsiss. Not that I am either but I do know enough to know that Mars and Venus never hosted a population of humans.

I'll discuss the weather with JW's but I won't be joining them.

If God exists and maybe he does and maybe he doesn't the JW's are going to be sat down and educated.

What do these naive people do for a living? Construction work? Waste disposal? Street sweepers? They sure as H*** don't work for scientists.

Nov 28

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