Weird, specific fetish request:

I don't really have any way to seek real release, if any girl decides to help me with this, it is highly appreciated, and I thank you.

So basically, in no particular order, you tell me your first name, the general area you're from, your age, describe yourself, tell me how you usually dress, and if you're wearing anything, describe that. For the descriptions, be as detailed as you can; the specific shade of your hair color, the brand names and sizes of your clothing, that kind of thing. The FETISH part comes in when, as you're doing this, I also want you to be making fun of me. Tell me how I could never have you, how creepy, weak, ugly, stupid, gay I am, how you want to kick my ass/see me get my ass kicked, that general kind of thing. Basically, if the pervy little mouth breathing dork you probably know somehow wound up on your radar, and you decided to have a little target practice while getting him h**** for fun. Try to make it at least somewhat smooth and effortless, while being really cold and viscious. You don't have to do everything here exactly, but it's the general idea of what I want. What IS important though, is that as you go along, you keep laughing at me. I mean, literally laughing. I want to see lots of "hahaha/hehehe" and "lol/l****" as you describe yourself and trash talk me, just sprinkle a lot of that in there. Again, I know this is weird, so thanks again if you decide to help me out-- and remember, you don't need to exactly do everything here or in any actual order except the laughing part. Do that however you want, but it still needs to happen, and I want a lot of it. Like, if you were doing this in person, you'd have to be FIGHTING BACK your laughter just to say any of this stuff to me, literally rolling and crying with laughter. But other than the laughing, you can really do the rest however you want, just make it sexy, mean, and fun! Thanks again, you're awesome just forreading all this even if you don't do it!

Dec 1

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