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This might sound sick or perverted to some, but it really gets us hot as h***! I am a 24 year old married female. My husband is a bit older at 35. I always dated older guys and I will explain why.
Even though I am 24 I do not look it. When the puberty fairy drove through our neighborhood he didn't stop at our house. Heck he didn't even wave. I am tiny. Under 5 foot and maybe 85 pounds. I have a flat chest and no ass.
Around the age of 16 I noticed that a lot of the older men in my life were paying extra attention to me. Teachers, coaches, my dads friends, my friends dads. I realized it wasn't specifically me, but instead they were attracted to the fact that I looked like a little girl. Back then i could have passed for age 12. Since guys my age didn't pay much attention to me I went with the older guy scenario. Through high school and college I dated older men. Like I said it may sound sick to some, but there are a lot of older men with the fantasy of s** with underage girls. With me at least they got the fantasy and had the safety net of knowing i was really legal. Except that one teacher. He could have went to jail (LOL).
Now that i have explained that, lets confess our present day kinky habit. Both myself and my husband are very open minded and kinky. About a year ago we decided to try "swinging". We have attended house parties, swapped with other couples and done 3sums. One night we stumbled on something that made the situation SUPER HOT and we have done it ever since. One night we were meeting a guy for a MMF 3sum. We thought we had been stood up when the guy finally approached us. he said he was "hesitant" because he thought we were a father and daughter. We laughed about it at the time. Later we talked about it and the thought of role playing that scenario made us very h****. So we did it! We met a guy at a hotel. When he arrived at the room I was dressed more like a teenage girl. My husband mislead him by telling him we were "not" a married couple but instead "father and daughter". It went over GREAT! The guy was so excited he nearly f***** me through the mattress as my husband watched! As the guy took a rest my husband joined in I started calling him "daddy". I thought the guy was going to have a stroke as "daddy" started f****** me. It was the hottest thing ever! We have done it may times since. A couple of times we even let the guy assume I was not quite of legal age. It is so much fun.

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  • It is funny how stuff that should turn people off more often turn them on. When my wife and I were young marrieds, most people assumed we were both underage and or siblings. After we got to the 'opening our marriage' phase we experimented with faking being related, cousins or siblings. OMG we got sooo much action from that. After reading the OP I'm now convinced that us still looking underage must have helped as well

  • I love kinky fetish comments. I posted one a few weeks ago and the site NEVER posted it??? So I will try here. Sorry but I am not a tiny young thing. I am a typical 40 year old mom type. Me and my husband have a kinky fetish. Maybe 2X a month we go to an large adult bookstore. This specific one has a large group area and private rooms with couches. I DO NOT have s** with any of the men. But... I strip, lay down on a couch and m********* in full view of anyone. I do not shave my p**** and have a nice full bush. When a crowd gathers to watch myself and husband encourage them to j******* and spray their c** on my hairy p**** as I rub it in. After my bush is a matted, c** covered mess we close the door for privacy. My husband can't wait to dig in. He loves going down on my c** covered p**** as well as adding his load!

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