The chinese in Singapore

The Singaporean chinese are some of the most strangest, if not weirdest and gross people I’ve ever seen in my life when it comes to racism. In a country where ~70% are all chinese citizens, surrounded by nations which are not dominantly chinese(South East Asia), you would have thought they might be a little smarter than the mainland China citizens but that’s not the f****** case. They have this basic “fundamental principle” that if anyone else is of a different skin other than theirs, that person must be some kind of a devil, demonic, dirty being of some sorts. I’ve seen them grossing out on the Indians, the Malays, the Eurasians, heck even any other races or nationalities other than the orientals(or zipperhead looking type of idiots). For some reasons unknown they still don’t know diversity- so much for the world’s top education system- that the world out there is actually filled with many complex looking beings than just them. The average chinese parents will always be on a lookout for their pathetic chinese kids if they’re ever caught mingling around with darker skins. They would tell their kids to be careful with these “other” skins for no reason. You can be a complex, good looking individual who is smart and talented but a f***** up chinese gambler with debts the size Mount Everest looking like a hobo would still be their option by selection. That’s how much they worship their own skin. You can take the public bus or subway and if a different skin color is detected by their ugly beady eyes on a seat, everyone would automatic choose the seat beside them only as a last resort cause the “other” skins are sort of dirty or disgusting to their perspective. But it’s ironic the fact that virtually all diseases, viruses, dirty habits always come from they themselves. The world knows it’s in their blood. I’m surprised that they’ve never come to realize that their so called chinese privilege can only go so far as Singapore. Go out there in the real world and they’ll get shot, killed, just for being a chinese, a f****** c****. So good luck with that you dirty ass chinese! F*** you!

Dec 1, 2021

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  • I use to go to chinese massage parlours but after covid stopped now for two years and many parlours where I lived have closed. Thinking of a chinese laying hands on me is now so REPULSIVE. In addition the author of this post is absolutely correct. A chinese government media reported posted on google that all indians fu#Ck their mothers and all indians are n******. Note that sodomy of little boys was only made illegal in china a few years ago

  • Even if what you say is true, I don't know who is more racist them or you. It's obvious to me that you envy them, because thinking about them occupies a large part of your time and energy.

    I'm betting that one of them f***** a girl you liked, and you are just bitter.

  • Chinaman has a pindick that no girl wants to touch. Also, you're a g*** and your food smells like stinky socks.

  • Go create more virus you ch1nk!!!

  • Ch1nk ch1nk ch1nk you f****** ch1nk hahahahaha!!

  • Are you a r*****? The dude is talking about the whole c**** demography in Singapore, nothing indicating a girl.

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