What to do now

I F'd up last night, My girlfriend got trashed and passed out at a friends party and now I am not completely convinced someone didn't slip her something.
She did have a lot to drink but still, She was passed out on the couch and it was just me and 4 friends there, I went to the bathroom and came back and her position on the couch was different but she was laying with one nip exposed and one of my friends pointed it out, My GF is super hot and has big t***, I was drunk and it went the wrong direction but we ended up messing with her a bit and then s*** went downhill and she ended up completely undressed and we are all naked and doing stuff to her, Using her hands, Feet, Mouth, P**** and everyone was like whisper cheering as I stuck it in her ass.
It was so wrong and now I feel bad but we were all taking moly as per normal but she had to have had something else because she didn't even wake up she had a bunch of loads on her and in her and everywhere, Face, B****, ass, Stomach, Inside her p**** and then one of them said we should shower her. I agreed and we started at her feet, She woke up about when we got to her waist and she was sitting up on the seat in the shower, She thought she was p****** herself and everyone told her that's why we were washing her off because she already had and she didn't even question why all of us were naked or in the bathroom with her.
Some were just watching, Some were helping and then after she was all rinsed off we took her back to my friends bed and did it all again, She doesn't remember any of it...Like none and I haven't brought it up so now what do I do because it's all I can think about and the idea of banging her or going down on her grosses me out.

Dec 3

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  • Rape?

  • She was wide awake the whole time, suckah

  • This sounds more like one of my wife's fantasies

  • Well you had a hot girlfriend that turned you on, then you s*** in your own stew, and now you're reaping the consequences. Figure out how to deal with it because she doesn't deserve to be thrown to the curb because of your drug fueled choices. And you better pay it never gets back to her because she could press charges.

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