I am gay

I am gay and a senior in high school. I am not embarrassed about being gay, but I am embarrassed about what I have been doing.
I have become the "other girl or side piece" for several guys in our school. My uncle is the basketball coach and he made me the team manager because I am a math whiz, I keep all the books and stats for him so he doesn't have to bother with it. Anyway shortly after starting i noticed a couple of the "supposed" straight jock players WITH GIRLFRIENDS were hitting on me. I ended up giving in to one of the guys and started meeting him in secret. Or at least I thought it was our secret. After a couple of weeks of giving him b******* and letting him f*** me I learned he had told several of the other guys on the team. I ended up giving in to another guy, then another and another. It went from being something secret and exciting to a joke. I am nothing more than a couple of holes for them to get off in.
A few of the guys have taken pictures of me naked and close ups of their c**** in my mouth. Of course no pictures with their faces. Something happened this week that made me decide to ask my parents to let me go to another school. One of the guys asked me to come to his house because his parents were out of town. When I got there he led me into the basement where 3 other guys were waiting. They were all drinking beer and watching p***. They were not nice. They did things to me that were not fun, at least not for me. They were very rough, holding me down spanking my ass until it was red and bruised. Besides f****** me they inserted a lubed up baseball bat in my ass and f***** me with it as I cried.
I am terrified all this will get out and especially that my parents will find out. What can I do?

Dec 4

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  • It's not too late to consider suicide.

  • I am gay (now in my 20's). I was always amazed at how many "straight" guys in high school were interested in me. More to the point interested in me as their little secret. I was quite wild back then so I didn't mind. I loved the attention and the s**. Two of the star players for the football team had a private key to the high school workout facility. I would meet them there at night and WOW, the things they would make me do! I became addicted to getting down on all 4's and taking a d*** in the mouth and ass at the same time. I loved it so much that I often had a "hands free" o***** especially when I was getting pounded really hard in the rear.

  • I love young, gay guys. They are usually very confused and will latch on and do anything you want.

  • Purchase a firearm

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