My special talent

A few years ago my neighbor asked me to talk with her son regarding his choice in sexuality. We met once a week for several months. We started with biblical discussions then moved to a discussion on human sexuality where I showed him my body and allowed him to touch me.

One thing led to another and he ended up fathering my fourth child. Fast forward to today, my neighbor was bragging that I had a special talent given by God. She told the preacher I converted her son away from homosexuality.

I now have a job at the church meeting with young gay men to teach them the way God intended for humans to interact. It sounds crazy but I love my work and I have been very successful. I’ve converted over 30 young men this year. I did start taking birth control as a woman now in my 40’s it’s not healthy to be pregnant.

Oh and no one knows that Jonathan is not my husband’s child. And no one has caught on to my process to convert these troubled young men.

Dec 4

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  • So you're a harlots that cheated your husband or this simply a made up fantasy? LOL

  • Absolute HORSESH**. You have never converted anyone and you damn sure don't have a gift from God for any such thing. There's no such thing as conversion. Sexuality is innate and can only be denied or embraced but not changed. The only choice involved is whether to embrace or deny and by that choice you will determine your mental well-being. A person may choose to stop engaging in same-s** activity but by denying that part of themselves they are pretty much guaranteeing a poor mental outcome

  • Being gay is a choice you fool. So they can choose to stop it. God can cure and fix all. They already have mental issues by being gay and trannys having high suicide rate because they have demons and fighting with themselves. Love is love is just a rubbish slogan that means nothing. God is love. Let's all pray the gay and this sinful month away!

  • Just another bullshit lie, but it does sound like your typical christian

  • How is that 'typically Christian' ?

    In no way does this predator represent Christians.

  • I’m not a predator. I am simply allowing these men the opportunity to enjoy s** the way God intended.

    Everyone of these men have thanked me and told me they never thought s** with a woman would be so enjoyable. Almost every one of them have come back on several occasions for more.

    Several of them have found girlfriends and a couple of them have even married.

    I’m so happy that I can make a difference

  • Bullshit

  • Wow! That’s incredible. How many young men have you converted?

  • This week I helped number 36. But in total I have helped 56.

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