Miss the good old days.

My buddy met a girl at a party one night and nailed her, She started kinda hanging around with us after that but she was never really attached to any particular one of us for a long time and just was always around, I didn't think much of it after my friend banged her I just assumed she was kind of into him but he didn't really seem to into her and then one night she banged another friend of mine and then a few nights later a different one and she sort of just became a pass around, She said she preferred hanging out with guys because there was less drama but I think she preferred it because we had d****.
She sorta became a regular fixture at our house when me and two friends moved in together and she never had a regular bedroom but kept most of her stuff in my one friends room and would just bounce from bed to bed then she started putting out more and more and more and wearing less and less around the house to the point I was in the kitchen one morning and she walked in wearing just a thing, Nothing else, Just a thong and rustled up some cereal, Sat across from me and ate her bowl of cereal like it was nothing.
It became a thing with her walking around in just thongs and she would straight up ask to get f*****, She admitted to us that she was a nympho and just always h**** so we were happy to oblige and then she started banging other friends of ours after parties and s***, At one point I think she was bouncing back and forth between 6 of us and getting nailed every night except when she had her period but even then she was more than happy to suck d*** if anyone asked and it was nothing for her to suck multiple d**** or get f***** multiple times a night.
She looked so sweet and innocent and so wasn't, She was short, Average built, Had dyed blonde hair and small t***, Nice ass and was very cute, She played shy and quiet but in bed she was a monster, Whispering dirty s***, Asking for more and more d***, and then she would get off and be good for 10-12 hours and be getting f***** again in the morning, I have no idea how she stayed so tight and kept her p**** looking nice, that thing should have been punched out and looking like an arby's sandwich but she looked great, Small t*** but nice pink nips about the size of a twonie...Yes I am canadian by the way and always had the greatest ass.
Anyway a few years went by and we all had girlfriends off and on and tried to get her to join but she never would and said she was not a f*** toy and if we started trying to treat her like one she would be gone but she totally was a f*** toy, She sort of eventually narrowed it down to just three of us that she was banging and me and my friend I lived with tag teamed her a few times. Life carried on and they spent more and more time together but the other two of us were still nailing her randomly but she started wearing a bit more clothes around the house and so on and then they announced they were dating and she would no longer be open to random d****.
I tried a couple times and she did suck my d*** but said "Ok, But last time". A couple years later they got married, Had 3 kids and were just a normal, regular couple, Me and my eventual wife hung out with them lots until she turned into a total c*** and we got divorced. Last night I was at their place and he straight up asked me if I wanted to f*** her, She still looks the exact same to me when I look at her and I jumped at the chance, I laid her back on the couch, we both stripped her down, Same beautiful, Bald p****, Still so tight, Her t*** are a bit saggier but her nips still look good, Just a little bit softer and curvier than she used to be but overall a gorgeous woman still, I spread her legs and started f****** her, He came over and shoved his d*** in her mouth, We moved to the floor and just spent the evening f****** the s*** out of her.
I don't know if this will ever lead to more but I want to f*** her over and over and over again like the old days.

Dec 5

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  • I used to have quite the crush on a girl I grew up near. When I found out she was the town 'bike' that everyone rode I was crestfallen for months. I got over that quickly when I got invited over for one of her 'parties.' I did NOT like being fourth that night but at least I wasn't last. She like her men one at a time but one after another. Her penchant for grown men and married men didn't go unnoticed and she broke up a few marriages that I know of. I moved away and later so did she and her family. I ran into her husband before I realized he was married to HER. When I got a chance to ask her if her husband knew about 'us' and her past she made it clear there was never an 'US' and her husband knows NOTHING of her past and it needs to stay that way. Since the internet still has some of her up on sites, I sometimes wonder if he really knows of her past but they keep him 'ignorant' for appearances sake.

  • There are quite a few stories about similar things, this one strikes a cord as growing up we had a "Hangaround" who was the most beautiful redhead with pale skin and massive t*** but slim built and she got passed around quite a bit, Not to that extent but we always knew that if she was around someone was getting laid and she didn't seem to care who but she took someone home every night she was around.

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