How big is "too big"?

I have seen posts on this site from girls meeting men with unusually large d****. Some girls have posted they love it while others were unable to take it.
So, how big is too big?
The reason I ask is that i have been approached by a guy who claims to have a "massive d***" (his quote not mine). He is interested in a sexual relationship only and has made that clear. I have never been with a man over 7 inches and I am afraid I will embarrass myself.

Dec 6

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  • My last boyfriend was the largest I've had and even with him being gentile it still hurt the first few times. After we were together for a while I could take all of him without a problem and it felt great.

  • Gay male I seen big c**** and got f***** by them. U be ok and you will enjoy it

  • Last year our sorority joined in an off campus BLM march. We met up with some guys that invited us back to their place to hang. They had pot. The guy I hooked up with was maybe...40 and HUGE! The room was dark but he could tell by my face I was shocked when he pulled it out. OMG! I gave him oral. He'd asked earlier if I had a bf. I told him yes. During oral he asked if he was bigger than my bf. I said, "Oh definitely!" I got him hard but I couldn't get him to pop. I agreed to s** but he'd have to use a condom I'd start on top. He promised to be easy. We kissed as he started slow and we had fun.

  • In my experience, 51 years on this earth, I have had 2 "BIG" c****. Both were too big for me to handle if I had let the guys have their way with me. I had to put them on bottom and be in control of how much I took. One guy was 11 inches and the other was 10. But Mr. 10 was super thick.

  • I agree! You need to be on top and in control. I don't know how your body reacts to intimacy so if your 'companion' is not lying and he really is that big and you're concerned, use plenty of lube when starting out. Go slow and things will go well.
    I'm 47 and experienced my share of "Big C**" in my lifetime that's how I dealt with it. Have fun and Enjoy!

  • I’m 49, I’ve had lots of big c*** in my younger day

    It’s always better on top. My husband in 9 inches and quite enjoyable.

    But I have to admit. This white girl misses that big black double digit c***. Nothing better than the feeling of that big black c*** stretching your p**** to the point it hurts and riding it while watching that big strong black man smile so big.

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