My dirty affair

Many years ago I met a young man named Nash during a ladies night out. I was 42, a married mom of 2 at the time. Nash was 20 years old, only 4 years older than my oldest child Nicholas. I still can't explain how it happened, or how I allowed it to happen but I ended up having s** with Nash that night.

Naturally I had no contact with Nash again but I would be a liar if I said I never thought about him again. I kept the infidelity a secret, at first because I just didn’t know what else to do and then I found out I was pregnant.

Although deep down I knew that Nash was most likely the father I convinced myself that it was my husband's child.

Fast forward 8 years and by a weird twist of fate the Nash stumbled back into my life. Somehow during those 8 years he became friends with my son Nicholas.

I was petrified that my secret would come out but the days, weeks and months went by and Nash didn’t say anything yo anyone. Over the next few years Nash drifted in and out our lives. Everything was so normal that I was convinced that Nash didn’t even remember our night together.

That thought did make me sad a little as that night with Nash was one of the most passionate nights of my life but I was grateful because my secret was safe.

About 5 years later I was on a business trip down at the coast. We owned a condo on the beach which we bought when Nicholas was doing his post graduate work experience and I decided yo stay there for the duration of my trip.

It was my birthday while I was down there and my children wanted to do something special for me. Nicholas reached out to Nash who lived close by to attend to all the plans.

That evening when I got back to the condo Nash was there. He had prepared a romantic dinner. We sat and ate together he told me what Nicholas had asked him to arrange and gave me the gifts that my family had sent.

For the first time since we met again Nash finally spoke about our night together all those years ago. He then asked if my youngest daughter was his child and for the first time in my life I admitted that he indeed could be her biological father.

Nash and I ended up in bed together that night and every night after that for the duration of my stay.

We are now having a full blown affair and it's magical.

Dec 6

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