What’s my girlfriend doing? Why does she keep crossing her legs?

So I started noticing this about a year ago. My girlfriend is 22 and I’m 24. I noticed her legs would always be crossed and she would be shaking a little bit. One night when she spent the night at my place I felt the bed moving and I looked under the covers to see her legs crossed she but she was moving her hips. I’m a heavy sleeper so she probably didn’t think I would wake up. Her face turns red when she does this stuff. I’m really confused about this. We’ve been together for 3 year and counting and this is really weird. The weirdest time was once at the movies. Again her legs were crossed and she was rocker her hips. I thought she had to use the bathroom and didn’t wanna miss the movie but then she sat back and relaxed. What exactly is she doing? Does anyone else’s girlfriend or wife do this?



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  • Used to do this all the time in HS. Works better if you are wearing jeans with a thick seam. I never got off from it, but it did feel nice and get me wet af.

  • Guy r dogs yes cross ur legs!

  • I started doing it in junior high school and do it all the time even now. I especially liked to do it when I was sitting on the sink in the bathroom while i was smoking with the other smokers. So now I have a strong connection with smoking and o***** and do it every time I smoke. It also caused me to become a heavy smoker. LOL. My hubby knows what's happening when I light up, and sometimes helps :)

  • My niece does it she is 8

  • I was in my s/daughter's house couple of weeks ago her 9 yo daughter was there looking at the I pad she was in her PJ don't know what she was looking at but she had her thighs crossed squeezing them together and rocking back and fore she had that look on her face,next thing her mum said up in your bedroom to do that with that she got up and went up to her bedroom ,s/daughter told me that she had got to that age when she has found out about masturbating,told her it's natural but to do it in private,after about 45 mins she came down and had dressed,I was quite turned on by now ,I went to bathroom her bedroom door was open could see her PJ s on her bed and her panties she had been wearing had a good sniff at damp crotch ,gorgeous musky spunky smell.mmmm

  • I love sniffing and licky my stepdaus panties they are 10 and 6

  • Your disgusting

  • I remember in the eighth grade seeing girls do that. Now I know.

  • Check out hands free female masturbation on p*** sites. Women do this all the time. She’s masturbating hands free. Just talk to her about it. Tell her it’s sexy and you’d like to help her/watch her or do mutual masturbation one night.
    If that is in fact what she’s doing she’s talented. Don’t be bothered by it

  • Thx man. I actually just talked to her about it. She said she’s been doing this since she was in middle school and she couldn’t stop her. She explained how it worked. I actually find it really sexy that she does this in front of me.

  • She still have to m********* ?what good r u then :-0

  • Everyone masturbates married or not. Lots of women m********* next to their SO when they’re sleeping. Sometimes they get so h**** they just want to o***** right then and can’t wait for their SO. It has nothing to do w the guy. I’d be more worried about not knowing how to spell or write a complete sentence if I were you. Good luck w that. If you’re going to try and insult someone learn proper grammar first so you don’t look like an idiot. Just saying.

  • Hello jackleg(j******) you need to stop being judgemental and stop digging your nose in others conversation....and kindly just fu ck urself...let me know if there were some grammer mistakes were there or not

  • “Digging my nose in others conversation”...lol it’s a comment section where anyone can comment. Still you need to learn how to compose a sentence if you’re going to try and insult someone.

  • Bruh shut up. I f***** her last night. Every masturbates

  • You are a loser man

  • She’s masturbating. Women can cross and squeeze their legs together and get o***** from it. You might have my ex-wife. She did it all the time.

  • Yes my x told me she could squeeze her p**** and c** while driving.

  • Thx I’ve never heard of anything like this. I’ll have to look deeper into this

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