I can do my job in less than 20 hours a

I can do my job in less than 20 hours a week, sometimes it takes less than 10 hours to get it done. The rest of the time I spend doing things I want to do. I suppose I should feel guilty but I don't, I feel like they have taken advantage of me for the past three years and I'm just getting my revenge.

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  • dont feel bad I do it all the time f*** these a******* they s**** you all the time!!!!!!!!!!!!! OBAMA BABY!

  • Start learning your boss' job. Someday he or she may leave and you would be the one best qualified. Maybe more work but probably more money and prestige too.

  • Take up masturbation.

    It'll do your soul good.

  • Hey, don't feel bad. I spend 13 hours a day playing on my computer at work. I make great money, too. How do you think I get to spend so much time reading and replying to these confessions? =)

  • do something meaningful during the spare time you have at work.

  • Im in the same situation, I get my job done in about 2 days for the whole week. The solution, I am building my own internet business the rest of the time.

  • S***, get that money!!!!!!!!!

  • i have the same kind of job and it is getting old, but i dont know wht to do. its easy money and no work

  • i agree with others, won't you soon get bored and want a challenge? Maybe the time is now.

  • Sounds OK for now, but where is this leading? 20 more years in the same job, at same pay, with noboby paying any attention to you.

    Seek a promotion? Look for a job that better matches your talents? Quit and start your own business "doing things you want to do"?

    10 hours a week or not, your present situation is going to get old fast.

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