I wonder what she looks like now.

About a million and a half years ago or at least some days it feels like it I dated a girl, So cute, She was just so damned cute and I treated her like crap as most young guys do but we ended up moving in with her mom who had never been married at...17 or 18 whatever and I think it was mostly out of pitty because I had a poor life growing up and my parents didn't deserve to be parents, They told me they were moving and I had to find my own living arrangements and it wouldn't be with them
Her mom let me move in and had a rule that I had to sleep downstairs and no s** in the house etc.
We ended up splitting up and she moved away, My girlfriend did so I was left living with her mom who was 45 at the time and I was like 19, It was about 8 months later when she came home one night from a company christmas party and was prety drunk, Dressed up nice etc. She stumbled to bed and passed out with her door part way open, I crawled into bed with her (Yeah, Yeah) and I hiked her dress up, Pulled her panties down and got her laying on her stomach, I rubbed her hairy s***** and it was definitely hairy, Rubbed her hairy butt hole and rubbed out a load on her butt letting it run down between her cheeks as I spread them and used it as lube to finger her.
She was a carbon copy of her daughter except she had a hairy s***** and saggy t*** but otherwise they looked almost the same, The next morning it was obvious she knew something had happened and I took that and ran with it, I pretended to be hurt that she didn't remember coming to my room and asking me to bang her, She was so embarrassed and so upset with herself that she didn't look me in the eyes for days but then I went to her room when I knew she would be wearing just her old worn out nightgown which I had found under her pillow many times and I asked if we could talk.
I kept telling her how amazing she was and how she blew my mind...Among other things and how great the s** was, She was totally embarrassed the whole time saying she was so sorry, blah, Blah. It took me 3 weeks and finally I kept on her enough that she fianlly had guilt s** with me, I pounded her, Made her come like 3 times, Dumped my load in her and from there on it was constant, I would go to her room or if I was taking too long she would come to mine, She really turned into an animal and just wanted it all the time. I would just walk up to her sitting in the living room and drop my towel and she would let me do stuff to her, Oh man.
I never came so many consecutive days in a row in my life, Half the time I wouldn't even bang her, I would just j*** a load on her, I would make her lay face down and reach back rubbing herself while I fingered her butt and dump a load on her ass or make her lay on her back and finger herself and I would come basically everywhere, She had some weird thing about not getting it in her hair even if she was going to shower after but I still did it. I would straddle her chest and hold her hands over her head, Make her suck my b**** and j*** off until I came on her face and hold her hands there the whole time. I kept trying but usually she wouldn't let me stick it in her ass, She did twice and whined the whole time which actually made me come faster f****** her hairy litlle butt hole. She had small saggy b**** and I used to make her play with them and pull her nipples until she would wince from the pain while I came on them, I used to like making her swallow beacuse she would gag every time, I really used her for my own enjoyment and she was very submissive, often complained but never said no.
She was a very cute 45 year old so I often wonder what she looks like now, She has no social media and has moved away to be closer to her daughter from what I heard.

Dec 13

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