At least I am not alone.

I read here quite a bit and I have no idea what stories are real and which aren't but the ones that get me are the ones about people having experiences they totally regret and there are quite a few of people getting...Duped into something they never thought they would do which is what happened to me and I think that's why I enjoy those ones because I feel like I am not alone in my confession so here it is.
1997, 19 years old and I had a job, A car, I had my own apartment and felt like I had everything going right, My emplyer came to me and handed me an invite to my first company christmas party and my heart fluttered a little, There would be upwards of 50 people there and it was at a classy hotel ballroom in town and I had heard it was quite the affair every year. I spent 3 days shopping for the perfect outfit and spent way too much on it with the help of my bestie and as I stood looking at myself in the mirror I thought "F*** yeah....I make this look good", Yes I love tha line from men in black.
I walked in and felt like the whole room stopped and stared as I crossed the dancefloor, Black heels, Thigh high stockings, Black thong, No bra, an hour and a half at the salon getting hair, Nails, Makeup and the whole thing and a stunning little red dress.
Ok, I may have gone a bit over the top with the garter but I needed to hold my stockings up, Anyway I had small, Perfect little b**** that were firm and perfectly symetrical, My husband always said he couldn't believe how perfect they were, Well that was 3 kids ago but anyway, Take a cantelope, Slice it in half and put it on your chest, Top it with two silver dollars and a stack of 3 smarties then peirce them and put a bar through each one and that was my chest, EVERY and I mean every man in the room was all about them, My dress was thicker fabric and had built in support which I didn't need but I felt it was thick enough that I didn't need a bra, Well...I was wrong, they showed through but at that age I really didn't care much.
I danced, I drank, I flirted and had the best time, I was loving the night and then...Oops, I ended up sitting with my boss and his wife, Very classy, Very appropriate and very attractive, She was just plain and simple gorgeous, Like the woman every woman wants to be, Perfect hair, Perfect makeup, Perfect nails and rockin rack. Well low and behold they extended an invite to their place as things started to wind down, I don't remember how long I had been at their table but they invited me back to their place and I still remember the invite, I assumed from the way it was worded that some select people had been invited back to their place after and I felt like I was among the elite.
I jumped at the opportunity .
I assumed we would all just meet there but instead I was offered a ride with them and took it, I may have been a bit enibreated and not aware of my surroundings but we got in the car, Me and her in the back seat and him in the front, She flattered me the whole way there about how gorgeous I looked and then she looked at my legs and lifted one eyebrow and reached down, Lifted the edge of my dress showing my stocking top and whispered in my ear "Holy crap, That's hot", I did my teen girl giggle and soaked up the attention and then we got to their place and it was a mansion, I was so impressed by it and everything looked so expensive, We headed in and he lit the fireplace, Put on some music, Set the lighting and poured us each a drink, I don't remember what it was but something classy and strong I am sure.
I half expected other people to start showing up but somewhere in the confusion me and her ended up dancing, I don't remember my emotions at the time but I was probably just drunk and flirty and then...She kissed me, I remember that, Eyes locked, Perfect red lips headed to mine and full on, tongue in mouth, arms around each other kiss, I am pretty sure it was all a big plan and whatever if it was, It worked. I pretty much melted into her arms and we made out standing in front of the fireplace, She was slightly taller than me if I remember correctly and then sudenly big, Strong hands on my hips, A kiss and a nibble on my neck and they owned me, I was done, I couldn't have resisted if I tried.
I wouldn't have cared if the entire christmas party walked in right then but no one did, A hand on my back, My zipper slowly pulled and my dress slid off my shoulders. My gorgeous red dress hit the floor and there I was in just my thong, Garter and stockings kissing my bosses wife while he hooked his fingers in my thong and I am reasonably certain I got wet as it slid over my wide hips and my round booty, Yes I also had an amazing butt, Even with the b**** I had I would say my butt was still my best "". Lips and hands and tongues everywhere and I was fully in, Like I said they owned me that night, I did everything that was asked of me and more.
Soon we were all naked and she was mind blowing with her clothes off, I remember being slightly surprised thet her b**** were real but they were massive, Perfect, Big, Hard nips and firm, Her body was quite impressive and so was his, She turned me around to him and he had his shirt off, Pecs, Abs, Biceps, Just a VERY well put together package and when he kissed me it was so sensual. We somehow ended up in the "Den" which was a more cozy atmosphere and had another fireplace, I remember him putting his hands on my shoulders, Me kneeling down and her kneeling behind me, Her Hads exploring my body, Her lips on my neck, She took my wrists and put my hands on his belt buckle, I fumbled with it and got it undone, Unzipped his pants and pulled them down and got his underwear at the same time. Of course, why wouldn't he have a basically perfect c***, Long, Thick, Circumsized which was new for me but has since become my preference, Standing up hard and proud and a big, Hanging set of b****, He was a MAN, 100% and was bigger than I had been with but I didn't waste any time, She kissed my neck and fondled me as I opened my mouth and started sucking him, We moved to a big, S*** rug (No pun inteded) in front of the fireplace, Yes it was the perfect p*** movie set up they had going.
I was laid down and maybe a little bit dominated but I was into it, She...."Got me wet" with her gorgeous red lips and her talented tonge and he got on top of me, She got on her hands and knees and spread my p**** for him while I prepared for a massive c***, She guided him into me but she was the one who told him "Be gentle, f*** her softly" and her voice made my v***** melt around his c***, She kissed me and talked to me while I had a huge d*** making me come with every stroke it seemed like and then she whispered in my ear "I want your tongue in me", I couldn't do anything but nod and she lifted one knee and straddled my face.
A few or more minutes of that and her whole body tensed up, She moaned and came sitting down h****** my face, After she flopped down beside me we did a few more minutes of him in me, She whispered "I want both of us to come on your face", What could I do, I just moaned and he pulled out, Busted a huge load on my face but it was all so erotic and it was cleaned up right away that it didn't even change the mood and we just carried right on, Me and her in a 69 with him doing her, then me then her and on and on the night went. I have never had that much s** in one night and by the end I was literally exhausted, As soon as he pulled out and came for the last time on my chest I knew I was done, I couldn't have even done more if I tried, I sucked so much d***, Ate so much p**** and got f***** so much that I couldnt even move.
I sort of half expected to be carried to bed and tucked in for a rest and then maybe a week or so of being their play thing and to be honest I totally would have but instead after a quick rest I was stuffed back into my dress and only my dress, I never did recover my thong, Garter or stockings but after slipping my heels back on I was ushered to a waiting cab, I don't have a clue what time it was but I remember being surprised how bright it was because the bedroom was dark, I got dropped off at home and did a full on walk of shame drunk, Nips showing, No idea where my underwear were and trying not to leak....Him as I sneaked up the stairs to my 3rd floor apartment but I encountered at least 5 people on my way.
First I went for a pee and was a little shocked at how much...c** was in there and then I showered, Flopped into bed and slept for about 12 hours, I woke up and my brain was a little foggy but the first thought on my mind was to get my vibrator out and work myself over thinking about the night before. I have spent many an hour having solo sessions thinking about it and I would have prefered that it stay a secret but...As it turned out I was just another notch in a long line of young employees who had been brought home after a company function and used then tossed aside, Apparently a large number of people seen me leave with them and the word was already out about their...List of girls and there had been a company pool on which function I would be taken home from.
Unfortunately in a company of 60-70 employees the word travel fast and I had not been privy to the stories of past girls yet since I was still fairly new, I did end up having a long talk with one woman from accounts recievable who had been one of them 6 years prior and filled me in on the fact that they had pretty much done this with every attractive woman there and that it was considered a bit of an honor and usually came with a bit of a promotion of some sort. She wouldn't tell me the whole story but I spilled my guts and all she would tell me was that it was her and the tall girl from the warehouse who at the time was a bit of a wild child with purple hair and half a dozen tattoos.
I didn't actually stay long after, Maybe 3 months because my mom passed and I went back home to be with my dad. there it is.

Dec 15

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