Funny but embarrassing.

Last summer i was a bridesmaid at my cousin's wedding and i didn't see my boyfriend for 3 and a half days before the wedding,so that meant no s** and we usually have alot.
So after the wedding at the reception we hooked up and he said i looked hot in my bridesmaid dress,i got totally h**** so we found an empty room in the building and we had a nice little f***.I was on my hands and knees when he came in me and i didn't know quite how much he jizzed up my p****,but after he came he kept pounding me until i orgasmed.
We quickly left the room and mingled with other people.I was standing talking for about 5 minutes when i started to feel it.At first i wasn't sure what it was but then i realized.Something in my crotch area,was moving.Yep.My boyfriends c** was trickling out of my p****.I only had a ridiculously small thong on so that couldn't contain it.And i could feel it running down my leg.I was desperate to leave but i was talking to someone and couldn't think of an excuse to leave.So i talked for another 5 minutes and at this point c** was approaching my knee,so i said sorry i badly need the toilet and walked quickly to the bathroom.I just got in the door and locked it,pulled up my dress and pulled down my c** soaked thong when the highest drop off s**** dropped out of my p****.Well i was wiping for quite a while before it was all gone.I washed my thong and spent another 5 minutes drying it under the hand dryer.
When i left the bathroom i was told it was picture taking time so I'm glad i dealt with that beforehand.

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  • That is a really hot story!

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