That worked out well part 2

I peeked out the door into the bedroom and she was laying there with her hand on her forehead but she was drifting off so I decided to wait, I stepped back so she couldn't see me, I waited another minute or two and looked again, She had her hand on the side of her face and her eyes were closed, I stood there and watched her for a minute and then she took a deep breath and let it out, I went back into the closet and stood there thinking then after a long time it seemed like I went and turned off the lights, Crawled into bed and she had rolled onto her side, I slid one arm under her head and gently put the other hand on her hip and slid up behind her.
She took a breath and wriggled up tight against me so I wrapped my arms around her and cupped her b****, I dodn't even fall asleep, I laid there for over and hour just holding her saggy b**** and waiting for my d*** to recover from the biggest load I have probably ever dumped and then I realized it was pressing up against her thighs, I pulled my hips back and let the tip slide up her thighs until it got to the bottom of her bum and then I pushed forward, I reached around and grabbed her inner thigh from the front and spread her legs, Slid my d*** between them and let her legs back down, I laid there rocking my hips forward and back and holding her and she started breathing a bit heavier and I could feel her get wet, She has a hairy p**** which I am not a huge fan of but we will work on that.
I felt how wet she was and changed my positio a little, Aimed my d*** right into her p**** and pressed forward a little, She took a deep breath and moaned and then relaxed and I was holding pressure against her so every time she would relax it would slide in a bit and then she would tense up and do it all over again until she probably had six inches in her and I started working back and forth, She moaned and groaned and I held her tight pinching her nips and then rolled her onto her stomach and she whimpered a little and whispered 'oooh it's too big", I slowed down and just started half stroking her until she seemed to be enjoying that and then a bit more and a bit more unti I tagged bottome and she stiffened up, I pulled back and just kept going at that depth, After a minute or so she started lifting her hips and I started going a bit faster and harder and she was wet and moaning and I reached under her hips, found her c*** and rubbed it, she moaned and and started shaking and coming, She came pretty hard and my hand was all wet, I kept going and she started whispering "Oh yes, Oh yes" and I rolled her onto her back, She looked at me with drunk eyes and said "Oh god, Oh god", I lifted her legs and she wrapped them around my waist, I f***** her until she came one more time then I held my d*** deep in her and came, and he moaned and gasped for air.
Whe I was done I pulled out of her and laid my head on her chest, She put her hand on my head and I lifted one of her saggy little b**** and sucked her nipple, She moaned a little and pushed my head back, I sucked as hard as I could as she pushed me back and she said "Ouch, Ouch ouch....Ooohhh, Don't be rough", I rolled off her and slid right up behind her holding her tight and we fell asleep. I woke up and she was gone but obviously couldn't get too far since she lives with me, She didn't come upstairs until she heard the kids were home and then came up, Didn't make eye contact with me and later that night came to me to discuss our "Mistake".
She tried and tried to convince me that it as a mistake and I kept telling her how great it was, It was probably 4-5 days before I had a chance to be alone with her again and I just walked up afer showering and dropped my towel, It took some convincing but I got her face down with her hairy little a****** up in the air, I thumb f***** her ass while pounding her p**** and made her come twice again, Once from behind and once on her back, I got off once ad almost twice but she was too done, Dripping in sweat and laying there panting like a dog saying "Oh god I have never otten off twice with anyone else, You're going to kill me".
I have been nailing the s*** out of her for 3 months now and have gotten her to the point that she just knows, If we are alone I am going to f*** her, She just knows, I think I have f***** her in every room except the kids rooms...Because thats just weird to f*** their grandma in their rooms, I don't really know what else I can do with her except maybe try to get her in the shower and see if she will let me shave her hairy p**** bald, I do actually like f****** her but...She is 15 years older than me and will probably start to show her age eventually but, Until then I will keep f****** her and sticking whatever I can wherever she will let me, My d*** will never fit in her little a****** since she told me she had never let anyone put anything in there before and now she just expects a thumb in it if we are d****** and she seems to enjoy it. Maybe I should try and toss her salad in the shower one day, She also never used to swallow, She says she hates it and gags every time which makes me want to do it more haha.
Anyway for now I am enjoying filling my mother in laws p**** and mouth with d*** and loads.

Dec 17

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