Havent gotten my period for 5 months

Im not pregnant, ive gotten my blood tested and im not malnourished, i did loose 30 pounds healthily though the doctor says maybe wait another month so i balance out cause my body my just be freaking out from the dramatic drop (160-130) i KNOW i have orthorexia/ and in the past and still slightly bulimic( im not diagnosed but it's obvious) i dont make myself through up anymore but sometimes if i get paranoid eating over 1200 cal or something i dont let myself eat (sugar, wheat, dairy, meat, processed food) i just like chirp it up like my body thinks im allergic to it. its now pretty rare cause ive got good self control probably happens once a month but it used to be almost every other days. could that be why i dont get my period? my mom has always known ive had these problems but just kind of brushes it off an tells me i dont have an eating disorder cause she doesnt want to deal with it an it makes me just want to fix it myself an not make it a s*** show getting her an other people/ mandated reporters involved

Dec 17

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  • Yup it’s your rapid weight loss. Your hormones are dependent upon your body fat. If it changes so do your hormones.

  • Something similar happened to me when I was 16. I'd rarely have a period. My dr put me on BC and it made me have a regular period.

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